Thursday, August 02, 2007


There's a first time for everything and since getting bopped on the head with the bike, I've gotten tagged x two, struck by lightening twice, and um, cursed at I give! Here's my random eight! Clink! To Indigo Blue and Wreckless for dragging this trainwreck into their game! (And mind you guys, the few things you don't already know about me, well, you may wish you still didn't!)

1. I stick my tongue out when I draw. Just a little. Enough to touch my upper lip. And yup, I can do that for hours.

2. In my world, everything is a He or a She. It's just gotta be that way. Or else they won't listen when you talk to them. ..

She things:
The house
The pool
Tallulah the cat, although the Vet swears different.
Some of the spirits that roam my halls.
Lights, lamps, disco balls...they're all shes.

He things:
The car
The hammock
The lawnmower and broken weed-eater (And a drunk I might add!)
Some of the spirits that roam my halls
The dryer and
The plumbing

3. I don't have a girlie-girl voice. It's raspy and throaty and hoarse. Always has been. And damn I love to sing......and whisper. I am a great whisperer.....

4. I took the lightbulbs out of all the chandeliers in my house and put candles in the candlelabras. That's why they're called that, right?

5. I believe that in the end, peace wins. If I didn't believe that, I couldn't believe in anything.

6. I prefer the floor to furniture.

7. I will swim in a green pool. I'm not afraid of amoebas or tadpoles kissing my toes.

8. Sometimes I cuss. And I do it very well....

If you wanna be tagged, just jump on the trainwreck....


eric313 said...

I never pictured you with a girlie girl voice. I pictured your voice almost Kathleen Turner's. And you do sing so well, good thing you love it.

Now I'd have to hear it, since I only hear the songs between the lines, the songs that you girls sing to everyone, the one you taught them to sing. That blues you've known since the world was born as a twinkle in your eyes.

I prefer the floor, as well! We're in great company.
I do love a good office chair, but I've never owned one. I only have crappy office chairs that feel like they're carpeted, but not like the floor. Just carpeted furniture.

I believe peace will win because you trust it so much.

singleton said...

from the floor
everything is high...
out there
giant knotty oak arms
It's quiet here....
on the dirty real-time earth
the worn out paisley footprints of every other life
just a pattern in the sand
and I can scribble
if I like....

Isn't it crazy that peace is always the underdog? And really, only the die hard fans keep cheering?

clink ya back, baby!

eric313 said...

you know I clink again and again to that. I need peace to win, but I'll have to help it win by getting the f out of my house.

Love these lines. Let me answer you back at my house. I'll write like the wind! I'll scribble
...I like to...
(goin' home!)

Blue said...

Singy, bay-bee! Great eight things. I loved all eight of them. What is a blog? A he or a she? I am guessing it is a she. And that jukebox playing the Stones in the corner? A he. Well, at least to me.
Tink! Well done my henna sister. Can't wait to see what you come up with once that kit arrives. If your art is any indication of the final results, I just may be studying your designs!!!
Much love,
Thanks for playing....!

benjibopper said...

my wife tells me I stick my tongue out whenever I do anything that requires concentration. I think she's pulling my tonsels.

skinnylittleblonde said...

Ah Sister, there's nothing about you that I am not glad to know and absolutely love & adore...
Cuss?! Why Neva! ;) ILYSVFM!

Orhan Kahn said...

I hate memes. Haven't exactly established why, I just do. But having a further insight into who you are is always welcome.

Peace and love? Yes, yes.

singleton said... do write like the wind!

blue... :) You are absolutely right on it! And that henna, old and wise, hmmmmmm......we'll just have to see when he starts his rain dance!

benji....of course! Why else would your tongue be sticking out!

SLB....Well, I'm glad you for one, knew I was exagerrating and would never, never cuss! ;) ILYSVVFM!

Orhan...Honestly, I agree, but Wreckless and Blue are such sweetie pies and they passed it on like ""have another beer, dear" not like "Tag, you're it!"

So, peace and love, yes, yes,yes

skinnylittleblonde said...


karma lennon said...

You definitely gotta believe in peace, that's for sure. And I curse well too. Too well sometimes. Sometimes it freaks my guy friends out. ;)

singleton said...


karma.....:)And sometimes we just gotta freak 'em out, to keep the peace, you know!

she said...

singtome, singtome

the more i learn;
the more i love

-great post!

and peace ...she does win...
or rather we win, when we seek her open arms and accept her sweet embrace

singleton said...

she....everyone wins! And isn't it funny, see, you think just like me.....Peace is a she, of course!

Mavin said...

If those are your cigarettes we have one thing in common we both smoke 100's, but I smoke KOOL menthols.

Hehe lol :P

I love how you highlight certain words or sentences in your blog, it gives it expression.

singleton said...

mavin.....I smoked Kools menthols a zillion years ago, how I ever switched, to complete opposites I'll never know! And yeah, I have to buy 100's cause 70% of the time they're parked in the ashtray, just making smoke writing in the air next to me. Kind of like really really expensive incense!
ps I love how you capture the magic of nature in your photos, almost surreal, which nature is of course!