Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Sound Track.....

I keep hearing that sound, loud and growing in the distance, a train.
And it comes closer, scooching in, crunching down, rounding the corners, shifting gears.
But it’s not you .

It’s a ghost.
A whippoorwill.
A mockingbird, laughing.

And then you're here,

"You're face was priceless, a question mark floating in the air"
they said,

And I'm a sudden smoke ring,
hazy butterfly in the dim lights,
wriggling ,
making circles
out of
figure eights,


because I had to...

a ghost,
a whippoorwill,
a mockingbird mourning....

a yellow butterfly in the mirror....


singleton said...

eric...because you climbed the walls and found this in the attic, the basement, waiting....
and it sat forever in drafts and at first I was shocked you knew it even existed....
but then I knew
you knew
I know
you know....

eric313 said...

I know...
you know
and love
looking at
what you know
and feeling
each line traced
and each word

and look!

like heaven descending
from miles over nigh,

this golden butterfly
of San Marino

Senora d'La Mancha

in the mirror
loving the sight
and knowing,


This I know
like I know gold
when I see it

eric313 said...
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Gillian @ Indigo Blue said...

Whoa, you two have some kind of sympatico thingie going here.
Lovely drawing as usual Singers...hi ERic!~

eric313 said...

Change of plans, no Detroit trip tonight. Tomorrow at six AM, instead... Wonder if i'll wake up... wonder if I'll even sleep.

This poem is so exquisitely said...

I remember all of it in a strange way... it's made of porch parties and cowboy hats and circles drawn wide around the world. You reach out to the farthest and deepest with words like these.

Orhan Kahn said...

So glad to see you to ;)

kj said...

ok, inquiring minds want to know...


Mavin said...

Very nice Singleton, you have such a provoking way to persuade me with your literature. lol :D It's nice.
Keep it up. :)

Take care.

singleton said...

Eric...The yellow butterfly of SanMarino....hope she tickles your nose and wakes you up in time for Detroit! Thanks for pullin' this outa me, sweet diversion from clankin' around to clinkin'!
Travel Safe today!

Blue...hey, we woulda made a pretty good garage band, huh? :)

Orhan....Always, always, glad to see you~ And miss you when I don't!

mavin...Ah, it's so nice to see you about.....and even though I know you're takin' a little break from blogger world, you're still amblin' by, still writing every now and then. :)

peace~love my friends!

singleton said... be continued.....:)

karma lennon said...

Love the art. :)

she said...

always with this sage-full blend of beauty and mystery; your art and your stories

i may not type it in the comments each and every time, but i always think this:

"thank you." -you enrich my day again

and such a natural, artistic, loving energy in how you and 313 and slb read and write, with, to, for and thanks to each other

words inspiring words inspiring words. sparking each others creative wild fires

it enriches me to read and witness this e-bloggin' magic -to feel the heat

SpongyBones said...

WOW! One of your best ones! Love it!

justacoolcat said...

Transference of the physical,mental, and virtual kind; great poem.

benjibopper said...

that's an intense second coming!

singleton said...

karma...thank you sweetie, the soometimes haunted faces in the mirror.....

she....e-bloggin' magic. Girl, I think you invented that! You with your save-the-day lucky peace and love, and the timing, oh the timing, of every word. And when I reached over the line, crossed the line, and jumped over fences face first, your brave heart a kite on a string, and went.....
peace~love 4 you huge~

spongy....TY sweetie, and you may not know it, but your clattering out a comment on a previous post, and spilling out the word Soundtrack, as the words were being formed on another page, as the story was taking kind of what shook this telling loose!

suchacoolcat....Thank you, it really started out a rambling, telling, buncha words on blue lined paper! peace~love~hellos, always hellos...

benji.....Do you think it'll come in threes.....

skinnylittleblonde said...

Ohhhh......I am soooooo confused, but I LOVE IT ALL just the same... for the feeling it gives me, even if I don't fully understand... kinda like the first time I got to watch Moulin Rouge, in between policemen & strange little kids knocking at the door.... I didn't get it in it's entirety, but loved it just the same & couldn't wait to see it again.

skinnylittleblonde said...

kinda like butterflies in the chest, just when you think of someone or sometime or something once again...

singleton said...

slb...I love it! I was confused over Moulin Rouge the first time too, started in the middle, went to the end, and started all over again.....

Falling in love with the confusion, the noise, the music, the dance, the lovestory unfolding, rewinding, getting snatched in the middle the whole time....

yup it's like that.....

eric313 said...

I did travel safe,

now I'm waiting on a butterfly
to lace me with gold dust
and fairy's breath
so I can feel the world's heart beat
thumping like a thunder bass drum's enveloping pulse wrapping around my head and body until the sky is the only thing I look up to

This poem is awesome--it's incredible how strong your mind is, how beautiful. That's what I love to see--all the ways you use your words and the memories that only you know. Powerful.

The poem I wrote was the only logical response to reading it.

Great stuff, my friend. I have to go and do a ceremony rehersal and an afterwards dinner in honor of the young couple to be wed this weekend--my brother Aaron and his lady Diana. But I wish I could be here, writing on the walls.

I'm bad.

I want to color everyday, strum a guitar, banf on a drum in no rhythym but my own minds tripping stumble step through the clouds.

you know we have to meet there, soon, friend. We should put the above response scribble poem together and make it fly. I'd love to see what you would do with my meager little words

singleton said...


Have fun~ Toast~Twirl~beam~smile~rock~ dance~clink~kiss~hug~enjoy...
Congrats to your Bro and his lady, have fun, my friend!

I know...

you know

and love
looking at
what you know
pink thoughts
sediment in a champagne glass
and feeling
each line traced
and each word
opalescent bubbles
rising to the top

and then
cocktail stirrer
after dinner mints,
story books
plastic pink smoke rings

like heaven descending
from miles over nigh,

this golden butterfly
of San Marino


Senora d'La Mancha

in our toast,

in the mirror,
loving the sight...
reflection of herself
in you
and ours
and knowing,


This I know
like I know gold
when I see it

We're pretty
in pink
in the morning,
the bottom of the
empty glass
champagne coquina

You can kick me out from between your lines anytime you want! But I'm here scribblin' on the Friday evening walls dancin' on my own!

kj said...

i love eric's line:

this i know
like i know gold
when i see it.

this i know. that simplifies life quite a bit, doesn't it?

Mavin said...

:) Glad you like me visiting by but I'm actually off break honestly. I was only off for a week. But anyways I'll be back by later, so take care, I've got to think of my next post to write about.

singleton said...

just a few little words and totally profound...

which for some reason this morning reminded me of Wally Lamb's book..."I know this much is true"...
fiction so starkly true...

mavin....ah, so glad you were just on a little vacay and not boarding up the windows....I'll keep checkin' to see what little delight you've come up with!

peace~love my friends

karoline said...




singleton said...

a parade of flutterbys......

Anonymous said...

Was the face really priceless? I tried to be so cool,smooth and deliberate.. I was hoping for an open arms reception. You always do just what I don't expect.

singleton said...

sweet anon....
My arms were wide open, I just kept them to my side..... or crossed..... or tangled....or anything, but free.....
only butterflies
and peace
and love
And you, my bumbling, tripping, laughing,
cast iron peace~love catastrophe trying so hard to be cool, smooth and deliberate.....
No wonder they were mesmerized by our faces.....
"On the big screen TV".....

eric1313 said...


I'd never kick yuo out from between my lines. Glad I found this one! I'll have to remember it.

Be well, my sweet friend. I'm around today!

singleton said...

eric...I know! You know! I know! And yeah, Saturdays are for soul.....
peace~love, my friend

eric1313 said...

That poem should be at the butterfly... I'll have to come back for it later.