Monday, January 28, 2008

When butterflies are tigers....

I preach. All the time. I flash peace signs to road~ragers, butt~in~front~of~you in liners, thou-shalt-not-doers, and ex~lovers. I scribble peace signs on thank you notes, just-sign-here's, divorce decrees, concrete walls, and pockets on hand-me-down-jeans. Peace signs hang in my windows, on my walls, and from my neck. I preach. And I practice it. In the end, peace wins...

But sometimes in the middle, you have to wad it up. Stand up and holler. Make a mess. Don't mess with my Skinny.....

JSYK, sweet sib of mine, I'm campin' out at peace creek, and on the way there, I'm gonna toke the fire ....


Princess Pointful said...

"Don't mess with my skinny"... don't I know it. There is nothing like a sister scorned.

Shimmerrings said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
drips of paint said...

peace, peace, kiss, kiss:)))

Maithri said...

Sometimes peace whispers,

And Sometimes... as strange as it may seem to those who know her only in insipid white snowflakes...

she fights.

Love and peace(the potent kind),


No said...

Whatever the trouble is, you'll be flashing the peace and love all over the house...

Can you come over and visit me too?

kj said...

hey! don't mess with skinny is right. i'm hollering right behind you.

peace can be a chime.
or a cymbal.

sometimes the bang clang just has to be.


singleton said...

princess....we girls gotta draw the line somewhere! :)

Deleted.....I hear ya!:)

Drips....I hear the words! And know them by heart, friend. I just had to pipe off in the middle of the night! I promised Skinny I'd wiggle my nose and sprinkle magic dust, I just thought I should up the ante' a little..... in case they didn't get my drift! :)

Maithri....Yes, sometimes the loudest noise of all is a whisper,
caught falling....
And every know and then, we peace lovin' folks
gotta take a stand for just that...
in case they didn't hear us the first time around!

No....We'll find the peace, in the end it's the only thing that wins....until then, We might have to clank a little! PS....little package didn't take flight until this morning, cuckoo week-end thursday through Sunday left me, well we won't go into details yet, but anyhew, I made it to the post office this morning! Feel the love!

KJ....Honest, I could dance to your words! Clink! To your clank! Perfect!

Peace~love my friends
It's gonna win!

Anonymous said...

Lol, I thought twice and then deleted. But you saw it, I see :D

singleton said...

:) clink!

skinnylittleblonde said...

Lol... TY Sister... work some MoJo, stoke the fire, sprinkle magic dust, chant & I will try to rile up some spit & fire, as I know it's often required to get that peace in the end.


It's like sometimes you offer to be a door mat,,,,and danged if they don't want wall-to-wall carpet!
Even the butterfly has been known to have to fight her way out of the cocoon.

eric1313 said...

I'll walk down there myself and take care of business! Peacefully, but firm.

Miss you so much, my friend. I've been sick from an infected tooth and had to have it root canaled. Working my tail off, and watching my little sis lead her hockey team to their championship game. But I hope to be back soon.

Poetry falls off my fingers
like rain from a grey cloud

all that is dust
will glitter in their eyes
all that is broken
will be whole once again
as long as the darkness
surrounds me
I am not alone--
even if the voices
ceased their chatter
a long time ago...

Poetry smears the page
like tears on green ink

fingers crossed,
we dance on our own graves
because on paper
we live in the forever country

cherry trees stretche
up into the grand blue reaches;
lying lush
is the dirt that nourishes them

take one more step toward me
and the night will tumble around us
as this world on a spindle

already our clothes are moutains
on the floor
next to the dim light
of our better judjment

chips fall where they may,
pick up the pieces with me tonight
and poetry will be born in our eyes.

eric1313 said...



Peace out!

i beati said...

go go go

Ultra Toast Mosha God said...

Make war, not love!

No, hang on. That's not right..

Shimmerrings said...

Eric, your poetry always dazzles me... and sometimes makes me weep... beautiful soul.

benjibopper said...

i just broke a glass and cut my peace finger, so upcoming peace signs will be a bit gory. still works better than the middle one with those road ragers.

karma lennon said...

Peace is whatever we need it to be. It's usually kind of quiet but can stand up and scream when needed. And sounds like this is one of those times. Good for you! Hope you've been well, miss you and everyone else. Trying to get back into the scene. Peace (whatever the form) and love!

singleton said...

skinny...I wish I was with you in the parking lot, spittin' the devil out, all over the place! I love you baby, girl, and as we've learned tonight, perhaps, you have to lose to be the biggest winner. And oh yeah, Karma, it's the real thing! ILYSVVM!

Babs...Timeless words girlfriend, Skinny called me at work today for just these words.....Seems you're working the mojo, too!

Eric...I've missed you friend! So glad to hear about sis's games! And you finally got that darn tooth taken care of! Clink! To papering the town! We're soooooo gonna grafitti these walls when you're back in sync!

it wins......
with a little spritzer every now and then!

singleton said... know it!

Ibeati....We're dancin' as fast as we can!

Ultra....Please sign up for my how to be a hippie classes! :)


Benji....Use it anyway! It works! Yesterday in traffic, I saw this white PT cruiser turning into the mad 5:00 mess I was in and the driver was beeping frantically. I looked over to see if he/she needed letting in or what, and no.....he was just saying hello, a giant smile under dreadlocks flashing the peace sign! I love it!

Karma...been thinkin' about you girl, wishing you peace in the best of forms!

Peace~love my friends
it'll take us there

Gawpo said...

Pax tecum, Sing.

singleton said...

Gawpo....Clink! Perfect! Peace~love

karoline said...

they're reminders..and i need them too..yer such an inspirations sweet singleton..


singleton said...

Karoline.....And sweetie, if people collected names like cats do....Inspiration would be one of yours, right behind the one spelled S-t-r-e-n-g-th....

Wishing you peace~love
And harmony through these days