Thursday, January 10, 2008

Cupid Ain't Stupid, that's for sure.....

It's in the air. I know I'm holiday hoppin' here, but I mean to. I want to jump from one "feel~good" to the next, and nope, I'm not racing through 'em... I'm racin' to 'em! It's kind of like getting a good seat on the sidewalk for the next parade, you gotta get there early.....

So here it is, St. Valentines Day, parked right around the corner. Pretty soon I'll have to trip over giant red hearts in the grocery store just to buy beer. Helium balloons the size of space ships will be hovering overhead, their bobbing ribbons tickling my hair while I shop for macaroni and cheese. The jewelry stores will all get together and come up with some new" have-to-have": a ring, a chain, a bracelet, that will brand any woman without one on the morning after as ......well.....valentineless, or soul mate to a poor man. A million red roses will be sacrificed for the moment, bundled and jumbled and sold for a fortune. The writers at Hallmarkwill collapse from exhaustion, worn out from feeling the love and padding their pockets.

Here in Hippie Holiday Land, we do it a little bit different.

"Patty cake
Patty cake
Baker's man,
Role em' and a dole em
and throw 'em in a pan".....

Ta! Dah! Love beads everywhere!

You wanna feel the love? Email your postal and I'll bop a string in the mail to you! Yeah, Cupid Ain't Stupid, she's got blonde hair and wears hand me down jeans....

Here's mine, almost twenty years later.....We started with three little beads, peace, love and hope, and they grew.... The colors and stories have changed, but I still feel the love.....remember the night we sat at the table a lifetime ago, Skinny and I, making love beads, saving the world......


singleton said...

And just for this occassion friends,

Happy Hippie Holiday!

Ultra Toast Mosha God said...

Is it really that soon?

Oh my.

I had a friend born on Valentine's Day.

singleton said...

ultra.....:) It's neons away, but we don't have elves and reindeer down here in Hippie Holiday Land! Don't forget to wish your friend a happy one! :)

she said...

cupid ain't stupid..

you capture my heart write away..

but -too late singtome-

i was first to the curb for the creative parade

check your mail box

much love, ~s.

wreckless said...

What a cool and sweet idea!
You go Baker chic!

eric1313 said...

You know where to reach me, my friend. Valentines day can be the worst and the best.

I'll trade you a poem for some beads. Just name one and it'll fly!

singleton said...

She....Girl! I love it, like minds, and hearts! I'm trippin' over to the postoffice this week-end, so Cupid should pass midair! Happy Valentines Day, Cupid of Courage!

Wreckless....Wishing you and the Mrs, and all the little wrecks, a Happy Happy Valentines Day! Bop me your address and we'll dress 'em up hippie style for the holidays!

Eric....Sometimes, somedays, are only what we make of 'em! And sometimes, that's what makes 'em the best! Watch your mailbox, friend, Cupid ain't stupid,that's for sure! PS: the return has changed, we moved the headquarters south!

Peace~feel the love, friends, Happy Hippie Holiday

eric1313 said...

Are you there, hippie?
Dancing on the hi wire,
on the black marble floor
like a calm pool of water,
from island to island
in the warm palms
of wind kissed grace...

Are you there?
Singing your song
of one more midnight
passed over like a dark
with starlight on the ocean
deepest blues radiating
from an airy heart.

Are you there?
as the song swings so low
becoming one with the earth
one with the sweet waters,
an equation that philosophers
and poets and artists
bring to life in colors
and words and thoughts

Is all life a dream?
or are the dreams
the heart of all life,
the tell tale song
of every beating heart?

Maithri said...

I LOVE the idea of living from joy to joy...

Soft shoein down the chain of hope...

You are a living, breathing Valentine to the world my friend,

May the chain of
Your love
be unbroken..

May it grow

Tender love and deep peace to you beautiful one, M

singleton said...

I woke up to
red paper hearts
in a chain...:)

My favorite moon,
the electric one,
martini slide,
was here,
and I fell asleep
in such deep peace,
a clockless
where music played
so soft it
was a color
and when I woke
in the dark,
the morning sky was empty,
velvet curtains closed...
a new day
waiting to stretch it's skinny
and reach
for the sky....

May the circle be unbroken
and the secret
pass from hand to hand,
a whisper
until a new ring
is formed around the earth....

And we can call it Peace.....

Peace~love my friends
Happy Hippie Holiday,
may unexpected Valentines
be everywhere you walk today....

Sandy Kessler said...

singleton said...

Ibeati....Clink! Watch your mailbox sweetie.....Here's to Happy Hippie Holiday and peace,love, hope.......
on a tiny string of leather!

Princess Pointful said...

Love beads beat the pants off of helium any day!!

Shimmerrings said...

Oh Sing, you're just awesome. My first Valentine's with my new babe, he gave me a hand-made water color painted card, a tiny but beautiful orchid... and a tiny bag of dark chocolates. It was perfect! Lemme run to that email box :)

And Eric, your poem made me cry... you have such a gift, my friend, and such a way with seeing Sing, you touch on everything!

Shimmerrings said...

oh, and your cupid is gorgeous! I couldn't see it when I first posted, the picture wasn't showing. Girl, you have some serious talent! I've always loved your pen and marker prints, but you do water color too? Makes me hope, all the more, that one day I can have my little gift shop, and could feature some of your prints! I'll keep dreaming. *sigh*

singleton said...

Princess....Clink! You got that right, girlfriend, you can feel the love!

shimmerings....Isn't that the best Valentines? The heartfelt kind? You just stirred a "best valentine" story up that make's me smile all over again, like it just happened! That little Cupid's been hangin' around here forever, remindin' me, Cupid ain't stupid, but he's a busy guy....Sometimes, you just gotta do it yourself! Watch your mailbox, friend! Feel the love!

We have to make it happen!

The Electric Orchid Hunter said...

That's why I love you, singleton. Fighting the battle against commercialism one bead at a time. And winning!

I think my neighbouring town of Loveland gets pretty interesting come mid-February...

Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

You have described Valentine’s Day very well. I know, ‘cause I was born on February 14th. I truly like the peace, love, and hope beads. Add justice and they’re perfect!

sean said...

There's no dust settlin' on you Darling.
Very nice!
Be my Valentine, my love,
As I will be for you,
And we will love the whole day long,
And love our whole lives through.
For love has no parameters
And does not end with time,
But is the gift of paradise,
A pinch of the sublime.

So let us take this holiday
To resubmit our love
To those within that know no sin
And with the angels move.

Spadoman said...

I had reason to stop into a Walgreens the other day. The display was huge, just as you describe. The big balloons and the heart shaped boxes. I said to my sister, "Look, Valentines already". Then realized it is just about a month away. Then also realized how trite I am to look at it all that way. I just don't love when they tell me to love. Sounds like you don't either. Look for my e-mail with my addy.

Peace to all.

singleton said...

Electric.....Love is free! It just blows me away that they try to sell it to us! "Let me count the ways I love you" somehow twisted into "lemme count the dollars!" And bless your little Loveland, they'll be feeling the spirit,eh? :) We have a little bitty town here named Christmas, and they get the same blast.....everyone using their post office for the punchline!

Sometimes Saintly.....Well, happy almost Birthday time! And you're right about justice, if we had that, there'd be a lot more peace, love and hope!

Skip the heartshaped box,
the Cupid on a string,
sing the song
that celebrates,
that are flowers gone wild,
stars through the blue blue
eyes of a child,
The song of a Valentine....:)

SweetSpado.....Oh, I sooooo knew you'd feel the same! You can't sell the soul, bottle the love, pay for it on time! Love is free....No strings attached to 4.99 silver lined balloons! Send on that address Spadoman, feel the love!

Peace~love my friends
Pass it on.....

kj said...

jeez, if i email you my address i may start anticipating a christmas card too, just so you know....


Enemy of the Republic said...

I forgot about it until I went to Target and saw all the cheap candy.

We are still getting over Christmas.

Love the title: Cupid is a crossbow hunter with the perfect aim.

SpongyBones said...

I worked for Hallmark for a small time. Know many who still do. Trust me they run a lot earlier to the holiday then you do. They are sleeping right now! Cupid bit me early. Glad he comes whenever he feels like it! Sending beads of love your way!

skinnylittleblonde said...

Cupid Ain't Stupid, but I think he's high...

skinnylittleblonde said...

High in the sky....flying on the heels of cloud nine.

singleton said...

kj.....well, it wouldn't take you long to figure out Christmas Cards come in July, and Birthdays come three at a time, and peace, love is free and could show up when you least expect it! :) Wishing you well, sweet friend!

Enemy....Arrrggghhh! Doesn't that cheap candy just wanna make you gag? All those decadent lookin' little chocolates with the ooey gooey surprises inside? I do NOT LIKE PINK CHOCOLATE! :)

Spongy...."Cupid bit me early. Glad he comes whenever he feels like it!" Now, that's the spirit! Anytime, Anyway, Anyhew! Love it!

Skinny....Love it! I mean, I LOVE IT! And you, so very very much!

Peace~love my friends
Feel the love..........

DeLi said...

a very happy and love-full post! i love it. i like beadwork. i used to do a lot of it and now...***sigh** i missed it and i know i shoudl find time for it :)


eric1313 said...

Clink! Thank yoiu, Shimmerings! We have the greatest friend of all, don't we?

Amber glass beads spilling,
the horizon on sweet fire
and we have the best seat
on the grass
in the cold
the dew for you
the frost for me
so far and yet
near enough
to share
the same view
and that
if anything
is the perfect dream

heart see through the miles
what eyes so often miss
in the near view

tragedy knows us
but not these lines
or this wish

good morning,
my sweetest friend

singleton said...

deli...Do it! It's therapy! I get lost in my daydreams......And there, in the quiet, there is peace!


"and we have the best seat
on the grass
in the cold
the dew for you
the frost for me"

the fourth of july
amber falling from the sky
broken seaglass every shade
of blue and green and seaweed
raining down
falling snowflakes
finally free from the
three ticket circle
of the Himalaya

We have the best seat
on the grass.....

No said...

I get so emotional about Valentines Day, along with my birthday and Christmas, it's probably best for me to skip it altogether; although, the beads sound wonderufl.

singleton said...

No....Well, I could probably skip this one altogether, too, except, this way, it's altogether something different....and I can clink! it, celebrate it, and feel the love.....If you ever want love beads, just lemme know.....And I'll send 'em on their way!

No said...

You know what, I've changed my mind. I think I would love some love beads! nice of you...thank you.

singleton said...

There you go! Love grows! Bop me your address and they'll go out on Friday!

No said...

You are such a sweetie; thanks so much.

karoline said...

ya cupid...i would luv such a priceless extension of your spirit...


look for me...

singleton said...

No....they're goin' out on Friday, baby, feel the love!

Karoline....bop me an address, any address, and they're yours!

Peace~love my friends
May the circle be unbroken