Saturday, January 26, 2008

Pleased to meet you....

Last Sunday I was estatically catatonic. Worn slap silly out from friday night dancin' and camping out with the little ones, playing hippie hoo-hah, and chasing stars. It was wonderful. I was punch drunk, giddy from exhaustion. I fell into bed on Sunday, racing the Sun to be the first to fall, and slept a glorious full 8 hours.

In those eight hours my life changed. I woke up rested, rejuvenated, full of love, and charged out the Monday Morning door. Cranked the car, blasted the music and joined the ratrace. And then I saw it. The orange glowing lights changing. Flickering. The clock in my car suddenly working again. It's been stuck on Midnight, the moment between yesterday and tomorrow since June. And so have I.

Other chics have biological clocks. I have a car clock. And Monday the alarm went off.

Ta! Dah! Sometimes, it's all in the timing...


skinnylittleblonde said...

hahaha, you obviously needed that 8 hrs of sleep! and here it's always 9:05 or 10:10 and I get teed off when the recording says to call during normal business hrs, seven days a week between 9am and 11pm and in my world it's always normal business hours. Lol.

skinnylittleblonde said...

And now I see it's really ten after calling you!

singleton said...

ha! Last night Theo was spinning in my kitchen, trying to catch the time. The microwave said 8:40, the kitchen clock 10:20 and of course, only I knew, it was 8:00. Why are they set like that? he aked....and I laughed! Makes perfect sense to me!

Zoom forward! Peace~love my precious sister, "T-i-i-i-i-i-m-e is on my side, yes it is!"

paddy said...

Yes it sure is, in the fraction of a click, in the blink of an eye you catch yourself in time.

just me said...

Your words and images are always beautiful. Rock on.

Maithri said...

And when the time is right...

everything moves
in rhythm with this dancing life

and barefoot peace
is found
in the


between the ticking of
the second hand

between the bars
of the cage

between the pieces of confetti
on the dance floor

Peace and life to you friend,


i beati said...

in sync with life - not me today but there will be another

singleton said...

Paddy....Yes! And there are so many moments I wish I had captured forever....Click! Clink!

Justme....Thank you sweetie, that's exactly what I want to do, Rock On! The time has come again, to dance, Two thousand and Freedom is here.....

And until that moment
there are waiting days
and waiting games,
sun-ups and sun-downs
waiting to be called
sunrises and sunsets...
And it is on those
off days,
those days lost to the
that we grow
new dreams and
new strength,
to fly.....

The time has come....

Peace~love my friends
Time is as free as the butterfly

singleton said...

Ibeati...Wishing you well, sweetie, and on the days when we are in sync, it all falls into place, even those days before the now, the ones that led us here.

Peace,love, healing, my Friend

Shimmerrings said...

Time... who has it, anyway?... it's here today and gone tomorrow...

justacoolcat said...

Good timing is a blessing and perfect times usually depend on good timing. Cheers to after midnight.

Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

Cool. What a neat story! What a wonderful happening!

Ultra Toast Mosha God said...

What happens if the battery fails?

Do you go into cryosleep?

she said...

-what my3 said-

love, ~s.

Orhan Kahn said...

Wish you had some photo's of the fun ya'll had.. can't have everything. Just happy to know you had a ripper time.

singleton said...'s the most priceless of all gifts, life is short, sometimes shorter than we ever believed...and I'm suddenly on jump start again, remembering... it's time.....:)

suchacoolcat....clink! to timing is everything! And now is the time! You've got it goin' on!

sometimes saintly...I think you are right, what a wonderful "happening"!

Ultra....I think the battery did fail, not me because of it, but it because of me.....It's everyready time!

she...girl, I have a thousand words to spill to you and I'm in high gear, off gear, outa this world gear.....Please email me, I dont' have your return, and wanna share the love....

Orhan....We do! We did! Much love...

Peace~love my friends
It's time

eric1313 said...

laughing at our faces
laughing at our backs
and we call it the breeze

Time waits on no man
but a woman
knows a man's timing
and when it's up...

we're talking about time--
and your mind is on midnight
since the leap year jumped
your confetti pop-gun.

Time to be born
and time to die--
between those bookends
is the time of our lives...
use it
spend it
take it
make it
fake it
but remember that it's sometimes
all we have...

Time to find out there is no time
time to laugh as the second hand
spins spirals around us
seconds becoming thirds
hours are always hours
until it runs out

and away we go
and gone with the breeze

Ultra Toast Mosha God said...

pleased to meet you....

Hope you guess my name?