Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Visiting hours......

They beckoned my down the hallway. Into that room. There she lay, belly up on the cold stainless steel table. Exposed. Parts and life-wires everywhere. "She can still breathe?" I ask. "We're doing all we can".....sympathy smile spreading on his teenage face. "We'll call you in the morning...."

Miss you guys, here's to hoping the little computer can come home again.....Gotta love modern technology.....


she said...

love it. love it. love it!

-sounds like she's in good hands

SpongyBones said...

I can wear my white coat and come and help if you need me!

Diesel said...

Yikes. Good luck.

paddy said...

I'll pray for it. Y;-) Paddy

Rachelle said...

You do NOT want me coming over there to help,
I would only make things worse!! But, I can relate my dear, oh yes, I can relate....
Just got mine all hooked back up.
Come see me when you get a minute :))
Love ya~

Shrink Wrapped Scream said...

Oh honey, such pain. ((hugs))

Anonymous said... are you handling the DT's? I just know that tomm. is The Day. She will be coming home & you will be coming out to play! IMYSVM & LYEM


lotusblossoms51 said...

...Love the music! Where's the party? Beer? People? You girls think of everything~ Hope "Take Me To The River" is on your playlist :) I'm trying to get to the porch...

lotusblossoms51 said...

Oh Yes! It it!!! Funny thing "Take Me To River" was our them song in Anch.Alaska 1978' at Chilkoot Charlies Bar~ I lived in Alaska for 13 yrs. Some of the best and worst years of my life. Sweeet Memories...
What a Bitchin place in space for MUSIC!!! Makes it even more fun to be here :) Thanks again Sweeeties (((hugs))) to our Goddesses you know who you are~

eric313 said...

Her shout keens from the dark,
while all are listening
for the sound of a ghost


She will rise,
despite lightning
forking down
in strobe motion--
a snake's
flicking the air
with ungoddly abandon

She is alive--
Her life
shows in relief
against death's
ancient bones
and black boots

She is alive

She is alive!

Tonight, the dead will rise:
Somebody tell Lazarus
to stay in bed with the wife
Somebody tell the angels
to take down the pyre
and please
Somebody ask Jesus
to explain sin one more time
to his ignorant children
while they listen beyond
for more sounds of life
to rip through the veil

She is alive--
Lightening is her blood
Her voice is the spectrum

Listen to a miracle;
flowering resurection,
bare feet walking slowly
from the grave
footpints one by one
and one step
is the print of a woman
the other
a print of her soul

no holy ghost smiles
in free verse
like she


In that way,
light was born of bitter night's

let it be

and it will again


So let it be written, so let it be done. The writing on the virtual wall will soon be yours once more. Hope you like this wickedly sharp little somewhat religious poem that I've now edited for last time. Hope it's true.

Silent prayers of the heart rise from Detroit and the world over for the sake of your art and words.

Cink! Tink!

drips of paint said...

//"She can still breath?"// give her a kiss, she will turn back into life ... & happily everafter

singleton said...

She.....smiles....let's hope those good ole hands are ready to give her back! I miss my baby and all of you!

songy...if they don't give her back to me tonight, wear the white coat and bring the gurney, we'll sneak in after hours and fetch her outa there! Miss you man!


paddy...Oh, it's so nice to see you again!

singleton said...

rachelle....i have a feeling the two of us together would be as accident prone as the two of us apart! Love it! I can't wait to come visitin' again, girl!'s another one of my addictions you know, and going cold turkey! Ahhhhhhh.....

Lotusblossum....Dang girl! I missed you on the porch! Theres always plenty a beer round here! My computer I HOPE will be home tonight, so we'll have to all get together soon! Lotta catching up to do! peace~love~and yeah, gotta do the river.....

eric...."let it be and it will again"...... Can't wait to get back on the city block, to the miles and miles of concrete walls...feels like I've been standing at the bus stop for days, with nothing but a ball point pen and the shell of an empty pay phone boothe to scribble on!

drips...Believe me! I'm gonna kiss her!

SLB.....DTs! You got it baby!

peace~love~maybe tonight's the night they let her fly!

skinnylittleblonde said...

Today IS the day...I just know it! Lol, at LotusBlossom's comments. If she only knew how far back 'Take Me to the River' went through these veins! Such a kindred spirit!

karma lennon said...

Poor little computer. :( Hopefully she's all better soon! :)

Beerspitnight said...

Stupid lightening always causing problems...

lotusblossoms51 said...

eric313... I know I'm not the first to tell you or the last. I just gotta say, you have an amazing way of writing so sensual and deep but at the same time light n fluffy like whip cream & jello! YUMMY~ So Soulful you are~ Words flow from you like Singletons Art flows from her heart n soul you both are very gifted.

Orhan Kahn said...

Missing you more!

eric313 said...

Singleton, you rock

you rock, too. That's Singleton's special effect. She's a long lost frined I can write to and just with. She knows that this writing is my heart and soul--and her art and her awesome, beautiful words and wild ideas and metaphors and symbols are the same thing to her. She can write lines back with the best of them. That's what I like. I need to send her some books with my cutoffs and old jeans.

singleton said...

SLB....yeah, today is the day! I knew it the moment I got in my car at "midnight" and the clock read 3:08......times a be a changin'....'s all good, girl, for everything else there's mastercard!

beerspit....clink! to the lightening capital of our world!

c...I so wanted you to meet him! Right? I knew you would catch it! Gawd, I wish I was on when you were on!

orhan...passport! porch party!

eric...lotus is a soul sister from the start, a kindred spirit met by fate and chance, and you sweet friend, are gonna be blessed to make her aquaintance....and btw,long lost friend, we gotta have a porch party soon!

eric1313 said...


She's alive and ready in October!

love ya, hippie queen Lady Singelton.

singleton said...

Eric...And that would be the golden thread....

eric1313 said...

The golden thread, of course...