Sunday, July 08, 2007

Plowing for Peace

There was only a tad bit of gas left in the lawnmower, and half of it was spent on cranking. I took a deep breathe and had to make a decision, the neighbors, I know, so wanting me to do this. O-kay, do I mow the property lines, the sidewalk side, around my wilting flower beds? Do I start diagonally, vertically, or horizontally? Do I start in the middle and work my way out or make a big loop around the perfect square and scooch my way in?

I drag the mower out into the street, precious fuel burning to the wind; and smile.

The white mustang slowed down.
As a giant crop duster circle is born….

And I’m smiling bigger……
Feet flying out from behind the self propelled grass grafittier…

The engine dies,
A giant peace sign perfectly scorched into the summer rye!

I flip him two fingers and he shifts into first.


skinnylittleblonde said...

A peace sign!
A crop circle of the finest kind!
Climb up on your car & take a pic!

drips of paint said...

Beautiful, are so playful and magical...
who could have thought of that!!!

the way you wrote is just simple delight

and now you have a piece of art to be proud of..ha

eric313 said...

The cowboys are all here with you,

ocean queen
blue lady you are so...
and they way you walk...
your eyes own me,
and they know this, too.

with your peace sign
letter of love plot
to steal the hearts
of those who stray
too near blue flame
you see everything that holds
us all together in this circle

clips, screws amd string
binding a wild spirit
the lucky three riding
they make a crazy eight
loop through it's better half;

She has her enchantments--
they are the mysteries,
her power

she loves this,

golden butterfly
riding with the winds
a halo to share with all of us

singleton said...

skinny...I just emailed you the pic, I need a damn helicopter to take a good one! It's still daylight so I might try the roof, i just have the giggles so, I would hate to fall off....only because the neighbors, peeping from the windows, would say "There! She had that coming!" Can't wait to come home tomorrow to find it all done!

drips...well the yard gone wild, really had turned into a field of imagination. There was hardly anything I could do, but what had to be done! And I'm still smiling!

eric...."clips, screws amd string
binding a wild spirit"....
Their hardware is wasted, as a tether-me-here! Butterflies are free!
P.S. It's hot as hell and I mowed my mark, so yup, it's dead cowboy time!

peace, love and sightings, all!

eric313 said...

OK, this response is just the poem.
Wow. You capture life as it is.

"And I’m smiling bigger……
Feet flying out from behind the self propelled grass grafittier…"

Art is life
life is art

screw the chicken
and screw the egg

Summer rye plaything
lawn mower rumble dance,
it hums so loud
they lose their minds
looking for gossamer threads...

Watch the while wild white mustangs
ripping through each gear
of love,

finding the sweet spots easy

waiting for art to cross the road
and for life to find the other side

watch art in her veins pulse--
the colors are all in her eyes,
find the dare in his own like a
distant flag, alone and flying high

as free as anything that touches the earth

He's watching her for a green light
a sign, and she will start the engine


Nobody remembers chickens, art, eggs, roads or the uncut grass

but they know life
and trully
that is an art

eric313 said...

hope you like that better

the first one can be easily altered to perfection, if you thought I should save it as a post.

I could make it about it's own pic, and nobody will know you inspired it, unless I say it.

Which I totally would
you girls are the best

Katherine Mercurio Gotthardt said...


You are SUCH a trip!!!!!!

We recently got "dinged" from the HOA that doesn't appreciate our unseemly, tiny lawn. I think a peace sign is in order here, too!

skinnylittleblonde said...

Got your picture. I say post it! Lol, I love it!

JR's Thumbprints said...

I should've cut my lawn today but it was too damned hot. Say, wasn't it an ozone action day?

Orhan Kahn said...

Nothing wrong with the two-finger flip, thats for sure ;)

singleton said...

eric....Hope the interview went smashingly well and have a feeling that the friday night faces and words you encounter will open up a whole new river of lines! Of course, I think you should post all of your work, open a huge "draft" hopechest, throw all your thoughts in there and pull them out at your whimsy! Your language rocks!

katherine....laughing back! We dont have a HOA....yet! They might be forming one today! I giggled all afternoon!
Peace and plow forth, free spirits!

singleton said...

slb....that's from the first batch! I can't get the camera high enough or far enough away to get the whole circle.....maybe if the tree were still there......
Still smiling! was sweltering, exactly why I wasn't going for more gas or doing anymore than....well, tagging the grass!

Orhan....It's contagious, you know!

peace~love~children in the grass

just me said...

Just perfect. God, I hope you never change. You give me hope.

eric313 said...

Peace~Love and a beautiful day. Interview was a five minute affair. So boring, and now the wait. Talk to me later!

I'd love it if you saw a vision through this... I think of a her in any way that you see her, leaning back against the bar with her arms resting on it outstretched, almost like crucifiction.

Do ya do requests like this?
I hope I don't disturb the creative energies by presumption.

Tomorrow might hold the best idea yet. But I thought I'd throw this out there, since I just wrote it. These things keep pretty safe, here on the back porch.

Flying by the Numbers
Eric Bachman

Tried to catch up with you--

bandit lady eight in flight,
feeling your curb appeal
bar hop spinning maneuver
Above the peaks,
before last call

when you drifted off to mix up
the radiance charged atmosphere that everyone knows
follows you like golden
all the way up to cloud nine
by 11:11 tonight

I'd float with you--
angeline bandit butterfly,
hanging from all the walls!
So you can see and know
and tell me about
every point of view...
and reason for the colors
and the longest shadows
in the fading, warm rosette
of another day down

We somehow add up to sevens...
a perfect pink Ten,
and a deep blue Six,
defying all logic except
our own

whenever I catch you falling
from a flight of worldly invention
Twenty One
all over
and again

so don't ask me why;
Just kiss me two times
Help me keep the count alive
Let me know if my six
turns out to be a nine
from your smile speaking
twilight mysteries

about a butterfly bandit's
secret life

eric313 said...

Hope this is cool. This is a fun way to write, at least right now. Thank you, Singleton.

I feel welcome to create anything right now.


singleton said...

just day we have to really chat....we've walked the same streets, literally, pensecola, sacred heart hospital, and the list goes on....And you give me hope, and our family, Kimbies....strength.... I mean it. Coffee sometime...Peace, wise woman.....

Eric...I oppose direction always with my pen, ever since I one day went, i'll only do it my way, i don't care what you want to pay, but the very odd thing is this.... i started a drawing Sunday morning, arms outstretched, leaning, and I walked away from her, not knowing her, not recognizing her face..... she was too heavy eyed, and pouty lipped and set in her ways to be anyone I would ever hang I left her on the porch, overnight....
And now i know.....

They're always born like that! Prophetic, as SLB often says....

Peace, bro! And in my time zone, it's cowboy time!

singleton said...

p.s. In the zero hour, there is i left through the only open window......just give me peace.....
"a butterfly bandit's
secret life "......

eric313 said...

Thanks for the words at my blog, Singleton. You helped get through, and now I'm fine. Talk to you more latter.

Let's get a party started!

and of course, I'll just throw around lines of verse and you push the pen and pencil and paint and crayon. Won't ever tell your muse stuff that she don't want to hear. I just felt creatve and something told me to write that and ask you what you thought. I hope for a ten! I'd love to post this lovely mama that you draw with the poem at the love shack. I need good vibes, my friend. I need to undue the hell. I'll credit you wonderfully and direct them to your sites. Hope to get the sales going for you, so you can be rich!

lets all clink soon

And thank you again for your support, my wonderful new friend

singleton said...

Eric..... What I really wanted to type in the war of the words was "Who let the flies in?"....I remember this very same thing happening once on Peace a long time ago and it really did rock my peace, for a moment, then Skinny and I decided to give her a run for her mouth.....she spat....we danced. We're still dancing, and the flies have all but disappeared....

IL Flying by Numbers......!!!!!! And it should be posted! As for gettin' rich, I am..... I got a pocket full of love from sage, sincere, wonderful folk and peace, every now and then.....
Clink! To Porch Parties, Peace, and paintin' by numbers!

eric313 said...

Flying by numbers wa poasted. I'd have loved to have gotten a painted lady pic to go with it; you'd lend my site some class! Yes, I think your art is classy, it's the new classy. You know, topless babes and lucky numbers, that whole thing you do so well it's breathtaking in its own way. It really is. You amaze me, and I'll loyally try to amaze you.

Hope your night was wild and free.

singleton said...

I love that poem....
the words
butterfly bandit.....
well, I'm amazed!