Sunday, July 22, 2007

Struck by Lightening.......

Boom! And it was gone! See you guys when they get done tallyin' up the damage and I figure out how to pay the bill! Peace~love~my monitor went up in smoke!


Karmalennon said...

Wow! Sorry to hear that! Hope it's not too too bad.

eric313 said...

Oh no! We have to get you something fast! How about smokesignals, long distance?

My friend we''l also have to get you a surge protector. At least your still alive! You live and everyone around you living loves that, I'm sure!

eric313 said...

peace~love~clink to the max.
we will be here!

I'll write you some poems, my artist friend!

And the post I made with your lady was so cool, it was hard to think of a way to top it, so I didn't! I just wrote and put together from back in the pack, borrowing that poem I wrote about your peace sign cropcircle! If you don't nmind. I know, that there way better stuff for me to post about, but I want to take my time and spread out.

"Ocean" can wait until you return to life! We'll miss you, hippie!
great new friend

Dan said...

No! Seriously?

Well I'm sure glad that you and yours are well. That's the most important thing. Hugs.

singleton said... back pocket is hearin' ya! I'm on a borrowed itsy bitsy laptop and stolen internet at the moment.....I miss you guys!

Eric....This is the smoke signal! Does it resemble a crop circle? Remember how small Skinny's chatbox on the patio was? You outa check out this keyboard! Keep writing sweet soulful friend....We'll have oceans to catch up on!

Dan...Yup! I didn't get bonked in the head this time! Clink! To the reincarnation of the hippies connection!

eric313 said...

smoke signal recieved, happy momma

I was hustling to get a job to wire you a hundred to get a dell monitor.

Nothing. That's detroit for ya.

eric313 said...

you there?
I'm clinking ya solid tonight up here in the D
It used to be a working town!

Scott from Oregon said...

We lost a network card last storm...

Orhan Kahn said...

Oh, my!

Not cool.

drips of paint said...

Hey my freind,,,black eye...pant inside black monitor...please more becareful...or is there too much things occupying your mind?

sending butterflies over with magic dust sprinkle all around to protect you...

she said...

fat chance this will do anything to slow you down..

you are unstoppable and this is just more inspiration

everything happens for the write reasons you see...

"to strength! ...and some cash quick please!"

p.s. (check the pocket in the blues i'm sending your way).

justacoolcat said...

Oh no!

I hope things are better and you get a monitor quickly. The flat screens are pretty inexpensive these days.

benjibopper said...

och! sorry singleton, hopefully the rest of your Hal unit is safe.

she said...

please repost address for where to send blue jeans/can't find it in the archives

help is on its way!

JustRun said...

Oh no! I hope something can take it's place soon! I am sure, however, you'll keep busy somehow. :)

SpongyBones said...

Damn, I don't think Fl is a safe place to be this time of year! I just read about the diver killed there too! I will stick with the tornados!

Angela Marie said...

Oh Wow! You are not kiddin.

That isn't good!

eric313 said...

good afternoon to you here in the eastern time zone. Bringing good vibes and words.

There's not all that many blogs on our kind of time! I just said good morning to Barb, good night to Crashy and now I 'm here.

party on the porch
or patio
Beginnings Look a Lot Like This

They grew smaller each time
her words, her letters
the ones that spelled
love, misundertood by
my eyes alone;
the meaning
is a circle
I know the
first step
(it was

I knew the right way
and did everything

Juggled knives by the
the nightstand
(I learned that from you)

I lit the fuse,
looked down the barrel
the explosion
while expected
did away with
the rest of my senses
(I learned that from you, too)
(I am that dumb(?))

the countdown
toward zero;
I know
for infinity

or nothing.

it just might
all depend
if the

is a circle
a broken line
or maybe just
a small

skinnylittleblonde said...

UPDATE~ Guys at computer shop said it would take 2-3 days for repairs to be done & quote was fifty bucks, although she expecting it to really come out to be about two hundred because, well, because that's how that stuff works.

The address is
Singleton & Skinny
269 Market Place Blvd.
Unit # 115
Cartersville, GA 30121
Email is moniker @ hotmaildotcom

I fetched your package latter part of last week for Singleton & Kimbies...know they will be tickled.

david mcmahon said...

Sorry to hear that. Hope the tag wasn't on backwards.

You can fly down here and use our spare computer.



Anonymous said...

Wow, really? Well, you're still alive, it could be worse.

eric313 said...

Hey sing, I took that poem and put it right on my site. I have so much stuff, it's a miracle!

singleton said...

Eric, ahhhh I hate that I'm missing the public debut of new works, but it's awesome that you're sneaking peeks in through the back door! rock on with those worlds. Zero. May the circle be unbroken!

Scott....arrrrggghh! i don't know what that is, but mine is probably kapunk, too! not cool! It was lightening city here Saturday, and I got bopped far...the surge protector, the monitor, power source, video card....and they haven't opened her up yet!


singleton said...

drips....Oh, your butterflies were here! We saw them in the rain yesterday! And blues are butterflies to! TY!

She....smiling.....I've been coloring a lot, and um, scribbling in the old spiral bound book. I miss you girl! I bet those ole blue pockets are already stuffed with faded ole memories and wisdoms from life, that I would carry with me anywhere!

justacoolcat...I hope so, it was a pretty little flatscreen that melted before my eyes! :)

benji...waiting on the quote for the hall unit!

peace~love miss you guys

singleton said...

justrun...Me, too! I'll be dumpster diving soon!

Spongy...don;t give up on Florida yet, we have Tiki bars, you know:)

Angela Marie...:) Get a bigger surge protector everyone!

Skinny...ILYSVVFM! Ha! The bill Saturday was 184.00! Sunday 35.00 for the "we'll give you an estimate on the rest" and I'm still waiting.......cross your fingers!

David....O.K. How do I get there?:)

Trevor...Oh, baby, you got that right! We got bopped by three hurricanes in a row and standing out unburying the house in the rubble, we coulda been worse!:)

Eric....I just missed you! Smoke signals!


drips of paint said...

great you got the package....
actually one of the pair if you look at the inside label said made in the West Bank & Gaza strip...and I do not think that there are that many jeans you find made over in Palestine are sold in the west. This one I know for sure that came all the way from over there...I still keep one myself just for memory.

this pair are made back around I forget somewhere 1998? during the original peace talk between Isreal and Palestine. A historically Jewish company in England called Mark & Spencers gave a factory in Nablus, Palestine an order of jeans as a gesture for peace & friendship and that was how this pair got to exist...soon after the conflict got worst so I am not sure they are doing that anymore.

So I just thought you might want to know that this pair can officially be called "the peace blue piece"

singleton said...

drips....thank you so much, this is what is so damn cool about hand-me-down jeans....the memories, the history, the stories they tell. Blues for peace, I love it......

Can't wait to be back on line....this blind hippie is having a really hard time on this borrowed microscropic keyboard!

drips of paint said...

oh ha..ha..blind hippie...your use of word is just so funny.

god bless

savannah said...

sending good vibes to ya, sugar!

eric313 said...

be well, my hippie friend!

singleton said... use of words is getting much broader...every second that they do NOT fix my computer! I wish those bad boys found it enchanting, but oh no.....they just wanna keep me hangin' on............. LOL! And I am getting an eyeball headache from this little attache' case called a "laptop"! Oooops, sorry for ranting, and thank you so much for the God Bless"! peace, my friend, I'll come knockin' when I can see where I'm going!

savannah.....Dear sweet Savannah, could you please send good vibes to those bad boys down at "bad boys"! I want my connection back! peace~love~

eric....the perfect paper airplane coming your way~just waiting on the wind! clinkin'!

eric313 said...

Can't wait for you to get the show on the road. Those bad boy geeks need to get the damn lead out!

I'm gonna put some Led in when I get home. Yep, at the college still. Writing and posting and surfing, all onmy tax dime. As it should be. I'm a total geek, and this is the way I stick it to the man! Yeah!

Have a cold one when you get home. It's on me.
Clink! Tink!

--i was just about to talk about the wind!

eric313 said...

it's almost funny how psychic we are...
the threads and the wind

singleton said...

peace on the winds.....that's on me!

singleton said... posted paper airplanes? "it's almost funny how psychic we are...."

eric313 said...

I would have loved to talk to you today, but I couldn't. It's long stories and they suck. I just hope your monitor gets fixed soon and we can get back to writing the blues on the wind.

And yes, when you said you were flying a perfect paper airplane my way, I was like "no shit!". We're on a wave link, that's for sure. I could kind of tell even back on that night. But you couldn't have told me I was going to write like this. It's like I was waiting for you to come along, or vice versa.

You take all the cold ones and
I'll take the peace and the wind;
on the curb or in the trees
we'll both be the highest,
reading every detail between the lines


as the needle
as the thread
shafts of sunlight
piercing the leaves
beating down on the road

maybe i'll have a cold one
and you can take the winds
but peace will cover us both,
reading quietly between
each line,
highest of all


eric313 said...

good morning, Blue Lady

your wonderous paper airplane flew right to my inbox. I put it in the mix, right above the poem it so belongs with. It looks so cool, I'll have to leave it there, hanging in the air forever Print that poem out and keep it with the original photograph, if you can. They so work! Thanks for your quick ideas and creativity. You use your gifts well, friend.
Clink! coffee or orange juice, of course...

singleton said...

Eric....How cool to step onto the porch and find new writings on the wall! A never ending maze on the curb and in the trees, Peace, my poetic friend....

eric313 said...

Look at us--both awake right now!

singleton said...

eric....paper airplane landed in my coffee!