Monday, October 02, 2006

Last Call

Sorry guys, I had to go here. I have a stack of LPs , tattered cardboard corners, and covers I used to croon over, in the corner of the living room. A collaged heap of CDs tossed randomly on the floorboard of my car (front seat passenger side). An ever growing, ever reminiscent collection of sound. That I like to play LOUD. And sing to. And yes, dance to…

And sometimes the music is new and noisy and grindy and great, and sometimes, it’s just old school. The stuff that memories are made of. For whatever reason, I started thinking about certain songs and how you can remember the EXACT moment when you heard it….. felt it....banked it forever into your memory.

So here it goes….

Smoke on the Water, Deep Purple…
Million’s van, flying down Drewer Hill, well we were rolling really, but it felt like flying…blue lights dimmed behind us, just watching, And finally, I threw up

Just the two of us
A champagne and caviar party resulting in the first of many endless nights at The Entertainer, (now, a topless go-round) dancing in circles. And then, what the hell, getting married. I have since given up Champagne, and the husband

Aquarius, The Fifth Dimension
Getting kicked out of PCS Christian school. Age: 13 It was on the radio when my Father came to fetch us Filthy little sinners! How dare you have a pool party (on your own time) and invite mixed (boys and girls) company to bathe (swim, play Marco-polo, float, dive) together while listening to Rock and Steal your Soul (The Beatles) music? Ummmmmm…..It was my birthday?

Red Rubber Ball
Christian’s funeral. The procession. The absolutely ridiculous words ringing tin-like out of the radio. And how prophetic they were.

Moon River, Andy Williams
Ohhh, I shouldn’t be sitting right next to my Mom on this couch listening to this in the state I’m in.

Tainted Love…
The Palace. You were there SLB.

The Kiss, Tom Jones and The Art of Noise
Dancing, gliding, dreamily off the deck and into the pool, satin dress parachuting up to the surface…..
Plop, splash, splish, slip, swoosh…..a sea of wedding-goers joining us. Pool party anyone?

The Letter, The Boxtops
Soldiers. My soldier. Yellow envelopes. Homecomings

Pink Cadillac….
Rumors! The Other Side. I still do NOT know how to do the electric slide!

Private Dancer, Tina Turner
Tami on the mike, belting it out at Fitzgerald’s. No Karaoke. Just a mike and her voice filling the room. She‘s 12 years old and we have her at the bar drinking Shirley Temples! Our parental instincts were always ….proper?

Build me up Buttercup
The 6th grade. Ronnie Beasley and a valentine too big to slide under the desk.

Mr. Lonely, Bobby Vinton
Pale blue carpet in a long long living room. Stereo at the far end of the room. Furniture lining the walls leaving the center open for a plushly padded dance floor. Mom and Dad on Friday nights, Martini’s on the coffee table. Kimbies and I, long legs dangling, parked on the couch, watching them dance in rhythm, in sync, in love.

Funeral for a Friend, Elton John
Dancing on the tables. Kim’s living room. Birthdays. Slumber party. (We had to have a slumber party, we couldn’t drive home)

Queen, anything Queen
Our first apartment. “We are the Champions”. Throwing BYOP parties just to stock the bar ...aka... the dishwasher…top rack glasses…bottom rack bottles. Loading the tub with ice and beer. Sleep walking in the window.

Creep, Radio Head
The radio cannot play this loud enough. Reversing all the “I’m a creep’s” to “You’re a creep’s” ….. This would be my all time favorite Rant song. And I’m not even gonna say why.

To be continued….
On another reminiscent night….

And oh yeah, I just did the spell check, and I do make up words!

Sometimes you sing
Sometimes you dance
Sometimes you just go backwards


skinnylittleblonde said...

LOL, I love it. Right now, we are listening to Fleetwood Mac...'but when you build your me home...Sarah, youre the poet in my heart, don't you ever change & don't you ever stop...'
BTW, I know we are 'oh so intricately intertwined' dear sister, I Love You!

vicci said...

"I close my eyes softly...til I become part of the wind...that we all long for sometimes....yes!!! How about "The Letter" by The Boxtops....and how about Joan Baez..."It's only when the gulf winds blow...that I wish my hair was long...."
Wonderful memories....thank you !!!

Behind Blue Eyes said...

The Eighties was such a bad time for music. I listened to the older stuff and wished that I was there when the music was new. The music still has such a freshness to it because it was the first time music like that had ever been heard. Now all the stations in Saint Louis are owned by Clear Water. Is it like that there too? There is this whole scene that they call alternative and so many bands and songs that don't get played on the radio that are so good. You have to find out about them through rumor. Don't you love Capitalism? I love Beck and White Stripe. I'm sure there are many others that I would love too if I had a chance to hear them or the time to explore. Oh, and Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd. They sound so new even now.

JustRun said...

How awesome! You just listed several of my favorite songs (of which there are hundreds)!

Orhan Kahn said...

I could dance to Build Me Up Buttercup all day long!

KIMBIES said...

oh did we have fun!! I was going to just get one cd, David Bowie Pinups, but they did not have it. So I bought three others instead!! and then had to get a 20$ cd player ours are all broke, I could not make it one more minute without music in the house. So we blasted Jethro Tull, Elton John, And then the Blind boys of Alabama till midnight!!! We did have fun on a Monday night!!! OH HOW WE LOVE ALL MUSI!!!!

singleton said...

slb and got me singing right behind ya!
Behind blue! I thought Clearwater owned ALL radio stations....that's why I started my own little world of borrowed rock....I haven't turned the radio on in about a year....But baby, I can blast that CD player!
Because just like you, Just Run, I have hundreds of favorites.....Orhan, LOL! I really DO know all the words, and probably have danced to it that long! And Kimbies, sweet precious Kimbies, we just wanta dance, yeah, oh and drink beer at the beach!

Kara said...

You know...I don't really have song-association memories. Well, that's a lie. I have one...Eye of the Tiger from the Rocky IV soundtrack...but that's the most pathetic song-association memory song ever. So maybe I'll start making some up.