Friday, September 29, 2006

The Omen and other chic flicks

There are some things that just innately mean something else. Little intuitive omens on butterfly wings. “It’s a girl thing” “a psychic thing” “a psycho thing”. For about ten years I always blew a kiss to my car ceiling (hanging headliner flapping in the breeze) when I passed a one eyed car. You had to do this, you see, it brought good luck. I did this faithfully, for years, until I passed about 9 one eyed cars on a lonely stretch of highway being chased by a tornado…limbs cracking overhead, trash flying by the windows…

I used to groan and moan and go arrrrrggggghhh, when a black cat crossed my path, a childhood superstition, and then I had a black cat, who took up residency at my front door and not wanting to condemn myself to forever purgatory, I just got over it.

But there are still things I chink over, get a little thrill over, or a little chill over. Believe in. (ooops , can’t help myself, but I do) …little omens passing by….sometimes smiling…sometimes haunting….

A ring around the moon …. mischief stewing…
A dog whaling, I mean pitifully whining, howling to the tune of a distant siren…. that’s not good
Yellow butterflies, anywhere….hope, dreams, peace…you can’t wreck this one, I still BELIEVE
Hearing “Our song”…this one is wretched. For part of your life it is awesome, for the rest it is trashed, you want to hurl things. Live things. Don’t ever pick an “our song”, eventually it screws up the music forever.
Stopped clocks….I never pay attention to the time unless it’s stopped. And then I obsess over the hands, until they’ve passed the same place a gazillion times and I realize it has absolutely NO MEANING
Found pennies…As broke as I am, I still won’t pick one up if its not heads up
Broken love beads…I hate when that happens. Time freeze frames. Until I restring them and it starts again.
Ducks flying blindly into the hood of my car…another NOT GOOD thing
Tea stains on the kitchen counter….tarot cards by accident
Flying dreams….you don’t even want to go there
The sound of magnolia leaves rustling….Nana’s watching
SLB’s marbles….the meaning changes in the rain
Palm itching…I can never remember what this means, but it means something
Red Bird out the window…..blessed
Foot itching…run baby, don’t walk
Blue eyes…Nadine has been here, waving her wand, reminding me to pay attention
Smoke alarms…well, we all know what that means
Bird accidentally in the house…..ewwwwwww, not good
Sensormatic alarms… oh God, I left my vitamins in my purse again, and I’m going to be persecuted, prosecuted for shoplifting
Can I see your I.D.?” ….. they have a bet going on
Toll free number…I should have picked up the pennies. I owe these people money
When the Bird of Paradise blooms…..Don’t worry about a thing, it’s all good

I don’t do horoscopes and no Ouija boards live here, but still….


Orhan Kahn said...

I'm a sucker for superstition too! Love the yellow butterfly one. Can't say I see them enough to remember ever seeing a yellow one.

Hearing “Our song”…this one is wretched. For part of your life it is awesome, for the rest it is trashed, you want to hurl things. Live things. Don’t ever pick an “our song”, eventually it screws up the music forever.

This is so very true! I can't listen to the song With or Without You by U2 without getting emo. Such a wonderful song and I refuse to listen to it.

skinnylittleblonde said...

LOL at all those superstitions.
'My nose itches, my nose comes a man with a hole is his britches.' ~ Someone will need a fvor from you soon.
Palm itching? Money if right hand & an old love is thinking of you if the left hand.
'Rings around the moon, Rain is coming soon.'
Birds in the house used to be a bad omen, but it has happened so many times to me, that now I just think it means they like me & my world and/or they need a foster parent. LOL
I still kiss the roof for pop-eyes, make a wish for the first star I see and pluck petals on flowers for love me, love-me-nots. If I don't like the answer, I pluck another flower :)

glorybe said...

I followed the like from "Skinny Little Blond's" blog to this one, and I am enjoying it already.

I so agree with the "Our Song" one. What was worse was when an ex-boyfriend that I was still in love with shared an "our song" of the girlfriend he just broke up with. I actually let him cry on my shoulder, and I still shudder when I hear that song. (no, we never got back together)

For some reason, water fountains (the big, decorative kind) that are empty bother me. Drained, dry swimming pools do too. Weird, huh?

singleton said...

Glorybe, Oh thats awful, "their song" I mean, talk about trashing a song forever! By the way, glad you found your way here. You're welcome anytime. Look forward to you getting that blog up and rolling again!
SLB, I forgot about the first star "I see tonight", and I've wished on that one forever!
And Orhan, it's true, isnt it? That song thing lasts forever!
P.S. They don't have yellow butterflies there?

Anonymous said...

and if u can peel the paper label off your beer all in 1 piece, it means u will get lucky!

Stone Tosser said...

especially if they are eating green m&ms, oysters or having a few beers with you. LOL.

Behind Blue Eyes said...

So...are you a tarot card reader? I am. When you read the cards you see superstitions confirmed daily.

singleton said...

Behind blue eyes,
I lost 'em in a move and had to wonder, wow, was that meant to be? And then there's the fact that I was more enchanted with drawing them than reading them. Skinnylittleblonde is the reader, the teller, the see-er. Do you read everyday?

glorybe said...

thanks, singleton! And, your artwork is very beautiful.

singleton said...

glorybe, you're so welcome and thank you, too. I usually keep the drawings to Justgivemepeace but this one seemed at home with these ramblings!

Behind Blue Eyes said...

Sometimes I do and sometimes I don''t. I find that sometimes they don't work for if I'm really nervous. Wow! I will have to talk to SLB about this! I've always wanted to contact someone via blog who did them too!

singleton said...

Tonight is harvest moon....the dogs are barking....

Lisa said...

Thanks for that bit on yellow butterflies. Needed that.

P.S. Palms itching is incoming money. ;)