Tuesday, October 10, 2006

I know who you are and saw what you did....

There were five of us. Kids. And a natural order of Age. Me, four years, Kimbies, 4 more years, Curty Boy, 2 years, Skinny 2 more years and then Chanty Boy.

For the most part we were passive, a wandering tribe of gypsy souls. Rarely did we scrap. By our teen years, Kimbies and I were given lots of freedom as long as we toted a little one with us. Thus, Curty, Skinny and Chance were introduced to Rock and Roll, fast cars, and secrets early on.

And that would be how the natural order of things would change.

Skinny, when not digging in the dirt, was the first to bop up with "Take me, Take me", often elbowing her way into the front of the line. Which wasn't really hard to do. Curty was passive and frankly,not really interested in cruising with the big kids on Friday night. Happy to just stay home, perched indian legged in front of the big old console TV, watching reruns. And Chanty, with no words to make his wishes known was often at our "take em or leave em" mercy. While I love Skinny dearly, being the oldest, I often opted to take Chanty. We'd plop him on the center console of Million's van, and venture into the week-end, Deep Purple blasting from the 8-track, windows rattling. See, Chanty, dumplin' of a sweetie, is down syndrome...born with a forever smile and dancing eyes. And in those little eyes you have to read the world, because he doesn't speak The Kings English. His tiny voice box was just born jumbled up and the sounds and noises he makes are endless streams of babbling, sound effects, noise....but never words. He early on, became the keeper of secrets. Never one to tattle tell.

Not the case for Skinny.

Her endless arms and legs piling into the week-end, also meant her wishing well eyes were there. Soaking in every word, every sight, every secret. She would be elbow deep in a bag of Lay's BBQ chips, singing, WATCHING. Gathering. Later, on occassion, trading sssssshhhhhhhssssshhhhhhs for candy bars. A business agreement. A lucrative and viable business agreement. "Don't tell Mom and Dad"

As the years grew and her legs grew, we settled into sisterhood. Trading secrets for secrets. Trading the spoken for the unspoken. Trading the order.

Sometimes now she leads.

And I quietly follow.

Oh.....the secrets Chance could tell.


skinnylittleblonde said...

You really make me laugh! It seems like I remember busting you gyts, well poor Kimbies anyway, on some secrets with Mom & Dad...but they were the un-truths.
First or second grade...
Mom - Where Have you been?
Me - Under the dock.
Mom - Under the dock?!
Me - Yep, Under the dock. I had to hide there or else...
Mom - What are you talking about, Why were you under the dock?
Me - Well Kim & Matt were making out in the canoe.
Mom - What?
Me - Yeah & he has all these rotten oranges & he told me if I didn't disappear he'd cram them in my face, so I hid under the dock. I only came in now because, look, there in the middle of the lake.

Ummm, Matt never threatened me & no, I didn't see them making out...but dadgummitt, I wanted in that canoe, too!

Lord knows Sister, I love you & will follow you anywhere!

skinnylittleblonde said...

BTW, Mom usually just rolled her eyes 7 rarely confronted sweet Kimbies on all my false accusations (must of been that innate motherly knowledge thing, or she had bigger fish to fry...let the kids kiss!) LOL.

photo blog girl said...

The names in this story are the best.

singleton said...

You have no idea how those false accusations worked in our favor....lol!
Photo blog Girl, aren't they? Thanks!

glorybe said...

How is it possible that there are two very talented writers in one family?

I love soaking up these stories.

How selfish of me, when I have no blog of my own to share.

So sorry, I haven't taken your advise.

Thanks for sharing this. Very moving.

singleton said...

Your words and thoughts are always touching and always welcome. And don't worry about that blog to share. You share a little sunshine, and a little of you, in every comment left.

Orhan Kahn said...

You just had to use the word gypsy, lawl.

I didn't realise you and SkinnyLittleOne went back so far. That is so sweet.

Corinne said...

Oh how I just love my Saturday night entertainment from you gals!
Just so natural, true and down to earth.
Sounds to me like your brothers were the little "angels" watching over you sisters! Ok, I think Singleton was the mischivous one in the bunch! ha, ha.
I can picture you now, as I am one of nine and we sisters are "The Golden Girls." We have a blast.
You are too young to be them..h-m-m, what should we name you??
Wonderful memories and stories..keep it up!!
Peace and Prayers,

Corinne said...

Hi SLB....

Too funny at the lake and under the dock..I'm lovin' it.
Now Mamma knows all!!! S-h-h.
Keep up the wonderful work and spirit!
You are blessed to have one another.
Peace to all and hugs to Kimbies.

singleton said...

Oh Orhan, we go back to the days when she was born wild haired and wide eyed! This VERY DAY as a matter of fact, a few moons ago!

Sweet Corinne......
Secrets from the Seawall! Love you two!

skinnylittleblonde said...

LOL Corrine...Momma will never know all, nor does she want to! LOL! Of course, she has aided & abetted us many times... it is really dear Dad who will never know... LOL!

singleton said...

you got that, Skinny little Sib!