Thursday, September 07, 2006

More please

Razor ribs. Skinny little white chic. Spaghetti legs. Anorexic. Skeleton head. Terms of endearment. You’re kidding me, right? I don’t stick my finger down my throat after steak and potatoes (God, I cherish a take- home from Outback….a friend with the talent to light the easy-light gas grill I paid a fortune for!) I don’t weigh my food on digi scales, skip seconds, run on the treadmill, or even weigh myself! And we have an eating disorder? I’m ranting tonight because my sib got cat -called! Someone with the inability to recognize a family trait, a metabolism mechanism, a true- blue thin blonde, went out of their way to hack into our world and TRY to make it look like there is something WRONG with being a skinny little blonde! Hell, we were born that way! I don’t get it.

IN OUR WORLD, you don’t point, it’s rude. You don’t judge, you never know when you will wear those shoes. You don’t cry wolf when you don’t know where the wolf if camping. Why would anyone , I mean anyone above the age of adolescence , a grown stranger at that, go off on my precious sister because of her weight, or in THEIR WORLD, lack of it?

This much I know is true. When you are skinny, you just are. It is as hard to gain weight as it is to lose weight. Because you are what you are. Our knees will get wrinkles sooner. Our laugh lines will be louder. Our bikinis will fit longer, but our fannies will disappear. At some point in our lives, the juniors department will probably be inappropriate, but we’ll have to shop there anywhere. We have to wear A-OK bras and they don’t make a lot of them. We don’t tan in our wrinkles. Skin stretches and we’re not that tall. We can’t wear pantyhose, they droop.

But we can dance until the sun comes up. Laugh until the hiccups or tears take over. Be your best friend. So WHY? WHY on earth would someone trapse into OUR WORLD and trash us ? Because at 37, Paiger can still wear a belly ring and it shows, isn’t hidden behind some midlife fold? Because she’s just a whisp of a thing, flitting around, being the yellow butterfly, touching a zillion lives?

Shame on you, silly little stranger, barging in and being a bully.

Peace, love, and pass the dumplin's please


Bettermoon said...

I wish I had been there because this chubby red head would have made the nasty stranger beg for skinny!!!

skinnylittleblonde said...

LOL Bettermoon...the grass is always greener on the otherside!
Sister Singleton, Lawdy, I love you!?! Too funny!
BTW, my belly button ring stays safely tucked in my layers of belly skin (it is completely buried) & although the swimsuit may look better longer, the bodies inside them don't necessarily do so! My swimsuit looks great...I never wear it. If I had tan lines, the would be striped like sun-light shining through slanted mini-blinds, marking the layers of flesh flapped over one another. And, I am ok with that
Also, Big Sib, I will be 39 in about 30 days...which means technically I will be living my 40th year, here on Gods' green earth! LOL, ILY

For one of favorite childhood memories, illustrating Singletons fiesty, yet oh so loveable nature, click here

skinnylittleblonde said...

Bettermoon....where are you? We wanted to bring the hippie parade through your blog! :)

singleton said...

Oh! I see you caught me! I can't help it, we skinny girls gotta stick together! And I see nothin's changed, you're still plundering through my stuff, seeing what you can dig up on me and then dragging out the tattle-tells! You little boog! You better leave this one to Bettermoon and me! We could take her down!

Anonymous said...

Bettermoon said - I am the red head who used to spend numerous wonderful days with both you skinnylittleblonde and singleton, with our toes in the sand and a beer (or two) in our hands. Of course I was a skinny little red head then :) We used to tell fortunes to the other patrons and talk and laugh for hours. I love you all! (I don't know how to use these blogs :)

SAS said...

ahh, you wild child! We should have known and we love you TOO! Get on the parade girlfriend because if ANYONE has stories to tell....sand on our toes, sun our nose, Toni and Joes! and love to would be you! And wasn't there something about Valentines with NO EYES...ummm Scarlet O'Dara, , Mia and Einna? God, we rocked!

skinnylittleblonde said...

Oh Anonymous....I Know You, even more so I Love You & was thinking all about you last night!
BetterMoon, SkinnyLittle Blonde & Singleton would have no interest in taking anyone down...unless of course, it was down to the water to sober them up or down memory lane so they could recall that hateful words are just full of hate. spite & wasted energies. Life is too short & never sweet enough!
Keep typing away Bettermoon, don't be afraid to throw things out there. The technical stuff will keep coming & coming. You WILL get it.

vicci said...

Okay listen hear!!! You are gonna be hatin me when I post all the wonderful pics from apple hill that pic of the peach pie that I just removed from the oven!!! The weather is perfecto right now....but this will change soon and get back to its HOT self...we do have lots of smoke in the air right now from a forest fire...yuk! and I saw jethro tull many moons ago at Red Rocks in Colorado...excellent! I hope all the people at the concert are baby boomers......and wait until you see the most sinful caramel apple that I am planning on devouring later on....when everyone else is in bed!!! You skinny runts!!!! I'd share it all with you....if only you didn't live so dang far away!

vicci said...

Oh yeah...I forgot....who was that rude person!!! Shame on them..Nobody should "DIS" anybody on their blogs!!!! and as far as being skinny goes...right the heck on!!! most people who are mean to skinny girls....are JEALOUS!!!!!
Love ya's......from a not real skinny used to be....who wants to be again...does this make sense??????

singleton said...

Hey Vicci, Are you trying to fatten us up? :)
Oh yeah, and Friday when you all are at Elton John, I'm just gonna blast the stereo really really loud and go dance in the street! Rock~n~roll!