Wednesday, June 11, 2008

These boots were made for.....Peace

I'm just a hippie. I wear flipflops and combat boots. Converse sneakers without laces. I go barefoot. But I broke my foot. And whether that's a haunting or the butterfly effect, I'll never know. But I know this. Every now and then I fall. Just call me Grace.

So I have a secret weapon. Little stilts that hold me up. Prop me up like the plastic ballerina in the mahogany stained box. A brace. But by damned, I'm gonna hide it. So on Friday when the band went Country, I hauled my hippie buns to the Country and Western Store and fetched home a pair of cowboy boots. I can't wear combat boots every Friday night. And Skinny smiled.

"Scratch 'em on the concrete" she said, not wanting me to slide. "You can wear 'em with anything" she said, knowing that I would. And I did. We danced til dawn and I woke up to them abandoned on the porch. Toes scuffed, and heels already lazy. They did me good.

"We're just goin' for burgers and a beer" he said and I climbed right in. Saturdays are like that. I didn't wear my armor.... And never saw her coming....

She snuggled right in behind me, beside me, a Marilyn Monroe wanna~be, plopped up on the picnic table to my right. I turned. "Who in the hell is snugglin' up to my show?" And there she was. Bullet Bra. Smiling... A toothy sort of "I'm gonna getcha" grin....and then she wriggled with glee. The only woman whose ever threatened to whoop my fanny.
I almost shook.

Payback is hell....
And I've been there
I smiled back. Stretched my fingers. Made a fist. And before she ever saw it coming,
I bopped her good.
Two fingers to the sky.

"You shoulda worn your cowboy boots" Skinny whispered in my ear....


i beati said...

ha ha I can see it now!! hahaha

Momentary Madness said...

O! You do have a nasty side you do, but, don't we all;-)

singleton said...

Ibeati.....LOL! Not another person there had any idea that anything passed between us. She grinned, I gave her the slow peace sign, and in everyone else's eyes it was an unremarkable microsecond. In my world, I dodged the bullet! LOL!

Momentary....Ahhhh, but not often! And not this night! It was all peace and love, and ummmmm, shakin' in my boots! :)

Two fingers to the sky

skinnylittleblonde said...

Lol...someone else woulda taken those two fingers in the peace sign stance and bopped her two psycho eyes right
I love your cowboy boots,btw...made for kickin' & spinnin'! In the south, in this instance Florida counts, every girl should have at least one pair of cowboy boots!

kj said...

too funny. so you couldn't kick ass. you did the next best thing!


singleton said...

Skinny......LOL! Maybe if she picked on somebody her own size.....she wouldn't be such a bully! And yup, these babies are goodun's.....They just might take this Florida girl to the beach! One week, baby! Whoooooo hoooooo! Seven days from this very moment, sliding the key in the lock, flippin' the window unit on, draggin' the cooler outa the car and racin' ya to the water! Muah!

KJ....Busted! Yup! Chicken Little over here! :)

it's summertime.....


Aint you amazin' Gracie,,,,with your two fingered fist,,,,
boppin 'ol bullet bra before she knew what happened.
Love this post,,,,AND your boots!And countin' down right there with ya!

Oh, and he's gettin' fat in all the right places, sweet Boy!

skinnylittleblonde said...

Btw Sister...your boots are mighty chewed up for just one night out...Lol! You may not have kicked bullet-bra's butt, but you were obviously kicking something!
BTW, I will probably beat you to the sands, so catch me at the Tiki Bar... I will be the walking, talking billboard sipping on a bottle of icehouse ;)ILYSVM & CYTSY

singleton said...

Babs.....LOL! That was a close one! The countdown is scoochin' in so close, I have butterflies! Can't wait to land these barefeet on those sandy terazza floors and say the words....."Were home, Ocean!" (Oh, and isn't he a little dumplin?) Peace~love sweet girl, wish you could join us!

Skinny.....Muah! I am getting so excited, can't concentrate on all this everyday whoo-hah, diggin out barefoot sandals and paper fortune tellers and Stuffin' my new Just Give Me Peace Tote to the brim! Whooo~hooo! Seven days of periwinkle soup, peace, love and beer! PS: I put some mighty good miles on those boots, first ride out! ILYSVVM!

The Electric Orchid Hunter said...

Fantastic footgear. 'Bullet Bra', ahahaha!

KarmaLennon said...

Yay for the cowboy boots! I know Skinny is proud. ;) Youse guys have wicked fun at the beach!!! Peace.

Maithri said...

Lol! I can just see it now.

As for 'callin you grace'


we do my friend.
We do.

Big Love and laughter, M

singleton said...

Electric....Girls just gotta have boots! And was that or Rocketbra! LOL!

Karma....Oh, sweetie were gonna have a blast! And Skinny should be proud, 400 miles away and we ended up with almost identical kickers! Five more days to go!

Maithri....Oh, I've missed you! Wishing you laughter, huge unexpected smiles in the middle of everyday days, and lots of love!

Peace~love my friends
Still countin'.......