Saturday, September 22, 2007

The Feather.....

We called him The Indian. Never heard him coming. In the rowdy Friday night turbulance of our litttle corner bar, he snaked his way through the crowd, quiet and slow. I caught his eyes once or twice in the early days, small and dark, penetrating if captured, just under the brim of the cowboy hat. I always smiled. At The Indian. And he would nod. I watched him going as often as coming, the long dark braid down his back. We traded expressions for words. And it became a ritual.

When Kimbies was well enough and spirited enough to join us for Friday night beers, she slid through the crowd like Cinderella. Smiling, waving, "hey, how are you?ing" to everyone. She had heard their stories through the sister~grapevine, and recognized their faces from the hand me down tales. When Ronnie whisper footed past her, she embraced him....."The Indian". And they leaned in closer to each other, and whispered folklore stories and numbers. Kimbie's hubby smiled. "She does that you know", "gives out our number"........ And that would be how we came to know The Indian as our friend.

He's doing the pink stuff now. The bad stuff. The chemo cocktail that poisens your system and maybe the cancer, that knocks you off your feet and makes you pray you fall off the earth and it ends. Kimbies knows. She's been there, viciously drugged by the "let me slowly kill you before I offer you hope" medicinal toddy. She waits. We all wait.

This morning I wandered, brick footed, into the backyard, tripping over mountains of construction debris and empty bottles. At the door to the shed/studio/condo/cottage/castle in the backyard, I found the feather. Held it up to the sunlight. And then placed it indian-quiet inside the doorway. For Ronnie's cowboy hat. When he hangs it here, in his new home.... "Gimme Peace".....

We're down to the finals. All the pretties are in, and done. Just waiting on the pro's. Some windchimes. And The Indian.....


karoline said...

oh dearheart..your words are like sweet breath in a balloon...they fill me completely and unequivocally with light...

i missed you more..


drips of paint said...

where does sickness come from and nasty one that required pink coctail ... it seems to spare no one, bad people as well as decent folks ...

.... need a song to drive the spell away ..."Gimme Peace"

drips of paint said...

hi Eric,

thanks for a glimpse of her story ..... I am beginning to read with sensation, your 1st paragrapgh put me right there.

drips of paint said... last comment is meant for Eric blog for his chapter 7 poem.... absent minded me!

singleton said...

karoline.....I am so glad you're back sweetie, I love the way the world looks through your eyes.....

Drips....There is no reason, and yet there's a reason for everything. I guess we really can't ask "why?", but perhaps, "what can I do?" Cancer knows no boundries, a rampant wildfire in our forest. And I would give anything to be able to cast the spell away, instead, we have to create new ones, magical numbered potions, shelter from the hurricane....

And no apologies needed! People talk to Eric often on these pages, and he'll read it here as well. Chapter Seven is a favorite of mine, too, was from the get go.....I watched it grow one line at a time on the pages of JGMPeace and was mesmerized, enchanted, and for a moment shocked at how he wove such "seeing" lines ....but he does that, over and over again.......

Peace~love my sweet friends

sandykessler said...

REvealing and fascinating sk

eric1313 said...

A friend of any indian is a friend of mine.

I may have a German sieg-schlaben-flaben uber-name, but my Cherokee blood, my Apache bones, those are where my soul comes from--from people who's home was taken, and yet they still manage to make themselves as free as anyone, and find homes where they wish to have them--besides the dusty no-mans-lands called reservations that our kind governemt has seen fit to give them.

The spirit people... Peace is just around the corner, in the back, or by the dance floor and sittin' at the barstools, drinkin' Long Islands, or Michelobs or Coronas... or water. Water's still free, right?

Like air...

Like feathers on the wind.

eric1313 said...


No problem, drips. Sing doesn't mind the table talk and neither do I. Accident or not. Take care, and keep making the world your colors.

Oceanshaman said...

Powerful totemic magic in that feather, emanating from the sweet words gracing your post, onward to the Indian, no doubt . . .

Gillian @ Indigo Blue said...

Oh Native people are so incredibly deep without even trying. They are like still waters. So knowing. So in tune. So very handsome most of the time as well. Long dark braids...
Ooh la la.

skinnylittleblonde said...

Now I understand why your yard was busted blue & sopping wet...getting ready for things to take flight.
I so adore Kimbies and her absolute unbiased, natural openess and of course her beautiful husband for loving every minute of it. She is a people weaver. Anyone and everyone feels at peace with her. She's like a light & people, strangers even, are like moths just naturally drawn to her.

eric1313 said...

Skinny says it all so well!

Love the long strand of initials for all the words of loving each other so very, very much, and Kimbies too, of course...

but the PS... is that "I hate Brad Pitt"?

paddy said...

"I'm Don Juan's reckless daughter
I came out two days on your tail
Those two bald-headed days in November
Before the first snowflakes sail
Out on the vast and subtle plains of mystery
A split tongue spirit talks
Noble as a nickel chief
Striking up an old juke box
And he says:
"Snakes along the railroad tracks"
He says, "Eagles in jet trails"
He says, "Coils around feathers and talons on scales
Gravel under the belly plates"
He says, "Wind in the Wings"
He says, "Big bird dragging its tail in the dust
Snake kite flying on a string"

I come from open prairie
Given some wisdom and a lot of jive
Last night the ghosts of my old ideas
Reran on channel five
And it howled so spooky for its eagle soul
I nearly broke down and cried
But the split tongue spirit laughed at me
He says, "Your serpent cannot be denied"
Our serpents love the whisky bars
They love the romance of the crime
But didn't I see a neon sign
Fester on your hotel blind
And a country road come off the wall
And swoop down at the crowd at the bar
And put me at the top of your danger list
Just for being so much like you are.................Behind my bolt locked door
The eagle and the serpent are at war in me
The serpent fighting for blind desire
The eagle for clarity
What strange prizes these battles bring
These hectic joys these weary blues
Puffed up and strutting when I think I win
Down and shaken when I think I lose
There are rivets up here in this eagle
There are box cars down there on your snake
And we are twins of spirit
No matter which route home we take
Or what we forsake
We're going to come up to the eyes of clarity
And we'll go down to the beads of guile
There is danger and education
In living out such a reckless life style
I touched you on the central plains
It was plane to train my twin
It was just plane shadow to train shadow
But to me it was skin to skin
The spirit talks in spectrums
He talks to mother earth to father sky
Self indulgence to self denial
Man to woman
Scales to feathers
You and I
Eagles in the sky
You and I
Snakes in the grass
You and I
Crawl and fly
You and I"
Y;-) Paddy
PS: Thanks for that, it was really very nice of you to be so kind.

Maithri said...

This means so much to me today,
I visited a dear friend last night who just had part of his bowel removed because of colorectal cancer.

I told him 'You're going to get through this and continue to be the great doctor you are"

He told me "Maithri, I just want to live".

So here's to life, in all its glory and tragedy.

May love seep into the corners of every wound and transform the darkness into light,

In love and gratitude,


eric1313 said...

Real time, baby! Clink! Holy rollin' at the treehouse!

Did you get the package yet?

Let's write later tonight.

A porch party like no other!

singleton said...

Sandy....well hopefully he will be reveling soon, basking in a place called his own, rising to the sun on new days that smile on him....and the little wooden castle in the backyard will truly earn her name...."Gimme Peace" and the rest will come.....

Eric....I am surrounded by the spirit people, feel them everywhere, and yesterday when that little feather landed there, perfect in it's color, it's shape, it's peaceful landing, I was sure it was left there by a free-bird, passing over, the tell-tell sign peace is near...For the three nights before this, an owl had come to visit, his head as huge as a baby's, standing guard in the trees, facing the river and the moon.....

oceans...yes, magic in that was downy soft, but the colors strong and powerful....
and left there just so, a gift, at the gateway.....a welcome...

Peace~love to all
Feel the healing...

singleton said...

Blue....."without even trying"....that's the true spirit, colors, love. The long dark braid is gone, whisped away by the potent drugs of the modern medicine man.....but no one's almost tattoed into his aura....a part of him.....And I imagine anyone meeting him today, would describe him much the same, "with a long dark braid" ...

skinny....yes, the lazy blue river moving, wet tides everywhere, making room for the dusty plain we had to have, if for just a few days, to cross the finish line.... On heartstrings and donated goods, we were 6 feet short of making it to the house on the main hook-up and the only thing standing between us and that six feet....was 3800 gallons of beloved water....And then the feather came....and where there once was water, the life~line to light will be layed!
And ahhh, precious Kimbies, gathers twigs and rolling stones with every step she takes, and turns them into a peace shaped nest, a welcoming, a nest of many colors! And we all feel the love!

Silly Eric...she said "I have Beatles Playing!".....And she does say it, see it, just the way it is...with love!

kj said...

please tell me more about this house of healing, singleton. is this the work of one person who offers sanctuary or what?

great story as always. i'm glad the indian will have a safe haven.

singleton said...

Sweet Paddy....
what gifts are painted here
in the desert dust
scalding sun
what gifts are toasted here
on the other side of swinging
where laughter and
wild eyed spirits meet..
"What strange prizes these battles bring
These hectic joys these weary blues"
Thank you, my friend

Maithri....Sending thoughtful prayers and healing thoughts to your friend, and comfort to you in these darkened days. As I read your words, I heard Mother Theresa as she spoke, as you so beautifully well. The gift you give your friend is that, and it is worth a million medicines.
Wishing you peace, love, healing... is coming to my doorstep bundled with another, and
I'm five again
and Santa
is coming
in the Summer
and nobody knows but me
to leave the lights on
and put
the cookies out....
And I found the dice,
where you left them
up against the wall...
sevens and elevens...
and that's eighteen
all over again!

Peace~love my friends

singleton said...

kj....real time girl! Typing in tandem. I wrote about this earlier, with a little before picture, but here's the story...
Ronnie, who by fate or chance or magic, and Kimbies became instant friends on first encounter, and developed a kinmanship....we later realized how important that thread was....when he was diagnosed with cancer also, she was there, walking in the same footsteps just months before him, holding the light.

Quiet, and brave, before we knew it, he had lost his home, never saying.....And we all scrambled, with bright ideas and silly ones, but not enough time to save the ship....and then, we had an idea, that grew and grew and grew. We would take my studio that never became one, and we would build a cottage in the backyard....Strangers, precious souls, children, friends, neighbors and the crew from the corner bar all pitched in and it began to grow....the little castle in the yard....where he could have quiet and healing and privacy and peace...and in 10 short steps find laughter and noise and friends. Of course, we've never built a house before, and I broke my foot on the third week-end of the project, so we're now about 7 to 8 weeks into "Gimme Peace".....
She has new windows, new walls, new doors, sinks, cabinets, carpet, air, tile....and a new spirit.....
And as with any house, she'll truly come to life when she is loved.....
when the Indian comes home....

SpongyBones said...

Anyone who can look at the world and all the bad in it from disease to racism is a superstar in my book. I'm going to petition to get your star put on the walk of fame starting today.

kj said...

***chills, singleton***

the goddess of kindness will repay you a hundred times over.

as for me, and you, aren't we lucky we know it works this way?

Scott from Oregon said...

Let me get this straight, you had to move your swimming pool in order to shorten the trench distance in order to accomodate pieces of donated ground wire... so that you could house an Indian guy with cancer your sister with cancer met in a bar?

How do you say "That's way cool" in Choctaw?

Shrink Wrapped Scream said...

Sometimes, you simply take my breath away. ((x))

drips of paint said...

what a home coming it will be... I knew you were not human, now I know you are an angel disguised with a pair of butterfly wings.... and neighbours & friends with wings too, I salute them as well.

eric1313 said...

I like Spongemeister's idea.

We should pour a concrete block for you to make your own star in.

Then you can give it to the world, my friend.

You like casting the dice around, too, ehh? Momma needs a new swimming pool green river!

eric1313 said...

Did the justgivemepeace butterfly get traded for for the mermaid?

I love the butterfly!

singleton said...

spongy....ahh, hell, you coulda just come over here and scribbled on Ronnie's tiny little concrete stoop with us! The minute the precious man-child that poured the concrete stood back and said she's done, I grabbed the closest 9 year old and we hit that concrete full speed....peace signs, loveletters, grafitti everywhere!

kj....I kinda think I'm in debt to the Godess of Kindness! So many times in my life, in the briefest of seconds, rescued by the random happenings of people. When I think back on it, I've been blessed by a river of good tidings....over and over got me going now....I just remembered Santa Claus.....and for the angels behind that one, I'll share it soon!

scott....well I guess that's the short story, and everyone's probably tired of me trying to tell the long story, so the short of it is....
May the circle be unbroken!
PS....I told you we needed help!
PSS...We didn't move the pool, we all stood around it and stared at it for days and days and days....and then I found this bird feather, and poof! like that she was gone! There's power in them spirits!

shrink.....where are you hiding? Has a bug infected my links? Am I frozen in time? Miss you, my lady!

Drips....Oh we are human alright! If you could hear the cussing, the fussing, the whooping and hollering, you'd believe me! A sweaty buncha volunteers, three generations spread, with no boss and a lotta beer....yeah, we're sooooooo.....everyday folks!

Peace~love sweet friends

singleton said...

Eric...clink you in real time! I love the yellow butterfly too. And I see her often. Flitting through the dusty backyard, playing chicken with my windshield, out my kitchen window....You've read the pages, you know her story, and I had this moment yesterday when I decided.....she should be free!

eric1313 said...

Silly Hippie!

She is free...

(real time at 'peace. I'm so there)

eric1313 said...

Butterfly of gold,
San Marina's own

She's so very free...

Always has been,
Always will be.

Wings stetched--
or resting in a fold

It's plain to see
she'll never fly

and will always
float with me.

singleton said...

And do you remember what I dreamed...
the discovery that I made?
mermaids and
are one and all the
one for the sky
one for the sea

eric1313 said...

one in a heart's
midnight blue dream

In this way of love
is the balance kept;

of life
the universe

singleton said...

And they say that
butterflies only
live for a day
or the moment
and I can't
believe this is true
and mermaids
live forever
in the shadows
and the deep
and I can't believe this is true
so I'm sure
they take turns
underwater dunes
summer wind

"in this way of love
is the balance kept;"

eric1313 said...

In our candle-flame lifetimes
their peace can be ours.

Butterflys on wind or wave
and mermaids in our dream beds.

Somebody tell me this is real
Her wings, or her splash

and let me slip into the deep
with these visions of heaven

that pull the horror and dread
away like ghost sheets
floating in the innocent night.

eric1313 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
eric1313 said...

Sombody get me a doctor--

or a goodnight kiss

or one more Marlboro

as the tic-toc whiles away
the precious hours
before molten-gold day
over the ocean of glass
that is San Marina bay.

eric1313 said...

Dinner time over here, Sing. Glad to write with you. I needed some peace. Maybe we'll meet up later.

btw--woulda been by way earlier, but I was building the porch again. Peace ain't built in a day, but it will win when everything's done.


singleton said...

we were hard-hattin' it today in the rain, too.....yeah, peace ain't built in a day....but the stairway is....
I'm ready to drop....
until the second wind, my friend..

Mavin said...

Don't worry Singy I'll send postcards from time to time, I'm just taking a break but after I come back I'm going to post a long, informative post of something about either an insect, a plant, animal, or something about nature I really need to go back to my old post of nature which was the real reason I made my blog but I'm just a literature type of guy too and like to post both or whatever I feel like but i need to go back to my old ways for a while and this break will help that.

Take care til I come back fully and I'll still come by and read what you've written.

Later Singy. :D


she said...

singtome: your beautiful soul, your beautiful words; a panacea for all who know and read you

God shine! on you and everyone you touch

Ultra Toast Mosha God said...

Richness of imagery abounds here.

Dee is for Dana said...

Yep, it's your sister's friend, Dana, who came to Florida that time. (Had a great time - I love SLB's fam!)
I see you write beautifully as well. Will have to check out your blog some more. I mostly just breeze through SLB's blog from time to time but now I guess I'll be hitting up yours.
Take care Singleton. Maybe see you in FL next summer. :)

singleton said...

mavin....enjoy the time, the peace, the regrouping....and write about whatever you like, it's your blog, your world, your own private domain.....when you're ready, open the kitchen curtains, and tell us about the things you love, nature and all her magic....teach us.....

she...God, I just wanna hug you! From the first accidental visit, I knew.....You, my girl, are so very, very special, strong, brave....and in those first few posts I wished I had met you a lifetime ago....and now I know, it was a lifetime ago.....Peace, love, sage friend.....

ultra....clink! So nice to finally meet you! We've been hangin' out at the same treehouse for too long not to socialize!

dee....Congrats my dear! Throwing rice as we speak!

Peace~love my friends