Monday, June 18, 2007

And we all fall down......

We really did go to the beach, I swear. We just spent a lot of time at the Tiki Bar. I mean, they put it right there. We had to trip over it to get to the ocean! So as soon as we emptied the cars, hurling stuff through the motel room doors, we trapsed our little fannies down to the bar and parked it there. "Woo, hoo! We're at the beach"!

The deck teeters over the edge of a steep dune, haphazardly reconstructed by the hurricanes, and the wind howls through the railings at night, making the tarps billow, the ceiling fans sway, and the bartender's tips, if not scooped up right away, blow to the next lucky recipient. Dollar bills scurry across the splintered planks like tiny runaway rodents and float like lost kites in the sky. Little kids, whose parents, hours ago trusted them to the sandbox, chase them in the neon night.

And so we danced. In the sprinkler mist piped in like Musac from the Tiki Bar roof. Barefooted with beers in our hands. Over and over again. We danced with each other, with strangers, with lovers, and hubbies. We danced with other peoples hubbie's, bikers, and the boys from The Brotherhood of Death (you know who you are.....precious skin headed just-turned-21 friends) We danced til one of us had splinters in her toes and one landed on her rump, feet to the sky. We danced until I fell off of a perfectly good chair, cracking a rib, and got up to do it again. (Kind of like when the music stops, the safety bar rises and you have to exit the Tilt-a-Twirl and walk on perfectly flat earth again....Just another day at The Fair!)

We danced until we were silly......

Enough to do other silly things... To roll down the dunes, into high tide, biting the sand straight from the ocean's lips. To give out our email addresses to people we wouldn't give our names to.

Sometimes you have to runaway.
To do what you really want to do.
To heal.
To find the reason.

June 18th, 2007.....
Report from the "he's so handsome" Doctor......

What have you been doing, Kim?
You went to the beach?"

yeah, I did.
And oh, yeah, I drank beer.....

Come here and give me a hug.

and then go do it again....

You're in remission!

Feel the Love......


paiger said...

Aw GAwd Do I Feel the LOVE!
I am so ready to run away again with you two wild childs!
Sisterly Love...there's absolutely nothing like it!

singleton said...

And it grows, baby! Tink! Clink! Rock!

karoline said...

i curtsy to your wild ways and dance along with you on the sand, looking in from without, feeling the warmth and the camaraderie, and what happens in the tiki bar, stays in the tiki bar...

remission is a ticket to the mission luv and laugh..


she said...

"To give out our email addresses to people we wouldn't give our names to."

God, i love that line!

love the whole post!

next night on the town (beach/rooftop... whatever) my sister and i have

a toast to you! -all of you!

and to the healing powers of lettin' loose on the dance floor

Beerspitnight said...

...if only I could get all the cool people I know - I mean really cool, not Tom Cruise Mission Impossible cool-to meet up and have them bring all the cool people they know, and so on and so forth till all the cool people are able to hang out together to learn and grow....

singleton said...

karoline....yeah, kind of like Las Vegas only it's a really small world!

And for Kimbies...and us....a really huge step!

she....feel the healing, and hell, you never know what you'll get in that in-box!

beerspit....we love ya man! And ummmm, we're planning that Woodstock, keep up with SLB, coming soon to a shoreline near you!

Matt said...

Lovely picture. :)

I wish I was at the beach. I think I belong there this summer....

Bardouble29 said...

I missed you guys SOOO much and was there dancing with you in spirit.

"You're in remission!"

That almost brought TEARS, I am SO glad for that.


singleton said...

matt...we all belong there this summer! Happy birthday man!

bardouble....We felt you! Talked about a "next time"...... That's our beautiful Kimbies in the middle...CT scans FREE! Like butterflies! Yeah, baby, we BELIEVE!

Scott from Oregon said...

My sis is visiting in remission.

So I say

WHOOOOOOT and a WooHooO!

Orhan Kahn said...

So glad to see you guys back :)

Good to see you had a great time. Also good to see there isn't a place you're not willing to dance.

singleton said...

scott....I remember that from your posts! We are blessed, baby!

orhan....Thank you. Yeah, so far we haven't found that place! :)

SpongyBones said...

Hell yes! My type of beach! Did the doctor pull the splinters out of your butt!

Yeah for Kimmie!

Woman, slad you're back. These old bats have been picking on me something awful!

paddy said...

I can feel you's were out of your skulls- bad ?'s bad ?'s what you goin'do....when then they come for you. Ha!! Wish I was/had whatever been there....I was with Dr. Hook I got......and I missed it.
Cool Y;-) Paddy

justacoolcat said...

I want to dance until I am silly and bite the sand from the oceans lips.

eric313 said...

How lovely is that. It is great to trully live, especially when mere survival is so often miraculous in and of itself.

And I linked up here, as well. I'm an old post-whore, as well as a comment whore. But almost nobody's archive as I would bet all your archives are. Michelle's Spell is also always fantastic reading, as well. It's on my sidebar.

But I need to go and write soon. Thank you for sharing all of your art so well. I'll see you around. If you want to avoid the rush of strangers at my sight, you can always respond several days late. I'ts usually better reading by then. I take suggestions sometimes, and you never know what word it is that sets off change. I never know, not until I read it! I write poems that are just unfinished. You all tell it well in poetry, the story and progresion that ties it together. Hoist a michelob and set the coffee for the morning.

eric313 said...

i meant almost nobody's archive is as nice, along with sorry for the rest of the typos. I'm young and prone to not accept the wisdom of proofreading my comments. I just hit that enter key like it's a big red button that says 'don't push' and like a wreckless thing there I am with thfinger already on the button.

It really is and isn't funny that the bulk of my writing is correspondence. That's why I always try to make the most of them in every way and I hate when I leave something important out or misspellings. They annoy the reader and I don't want to do that.
Thanks for listening to my strange creative process!

singleton said...

spongy.....LOL! Who told you about the Doctor? And it was Kimbies on the hiney, splinter free, Skinny with the splinters on her skinny knees, and me, the old bat on the left with the broken hip! Yeah, baby, you'd love our beach!

justacoolcat....And you can! Everybody should!

paddy...."Oh Lord, wont you buy me a night on the town
I’m counting on you, Lord, please don’t let me down.
Prove that you love me and buy the next round,
Oh Lord, won’t you buy me a night on the town ?
LOL! It was kinda like that!

eric....hell, I hit the send button for everything! Go for it! And you are so right, Kimbies has fought and fought for this life, and not really for longevity, just to be able to live it, to laugh, to dance, to truly truly love it! We're moving the party into the streets!

singleton said...

ooops, rib, broken rib, spongy!
God save the hips for rock and roll!

JustRun said...

Love it!
Though the first two lines ("We really did go to the beach, I swear. We just spent a lot of time at the Tiki Bar. ") were all I really needed to read. :)

Blue the Spa Girl said...

There is nothing like a Tiki Bar, with me ordering a few beers.
Wish I was there! On our way in a few weeks to the beach ourselves, much needed 7 days and 7 nights of sand, beer and beer.

singleton said...

justrun...yeah, you know the vacation....:)

blue....wishing you 7 days and 7 nights of sand, peace, smiles, beer and more beer! Oh yeah, and neighbors that don't complain!

kj said...

hey! this is nice.

do i know that tiki bar?

nothing like the beach to make it all right.

loved the pix--two faces matched with two terrific writers...


Angela Marie said...

Wow! This is wonderful! I am so happy for all of you, for Kim!

peace and love my friend!

singleton said...

kj....That little piece of paradise is parked on what remains of New Smyrna Beach, it's been there forever....If you haven't been, on your next trip to Florida, put it on your list of places to park it!

Angela marie..... We are so thrilled! Thank you, sweet girl.

psycho-therapist said...

HOORAY for kimbie and her fantastic sisters too! what a trip you girls are.

singleton said... was the perfect end to our vacation, those words!