Monday, April 16, 2007

Scarlett O'Dare-Ya

I’ll worry about it tomorrow….

Ok, I could do it today. I could bite my fingernails, grit my teeth in the night….I could pace back and forth on the cat-hair- covered kitchen floor, taking deep moaning groaning emphysemic breaths. I could worry about it today.

I could sleep in purgatory, tossing and flailing, kicking the sheets off , mad dogs biting at my heels, and then yank them up around my neck again, cocooning in their cotton comfort, until it’s time to kick them off again…

I could suffer….

But I decided to live.

To laugh.

To be free, if even for only seconds….

So I banish you…
Gloom and doom,
Bill collectors,
Insurance agents,
Lawyers in your suits and ties with your billable moments,
Handsome doctors with your million dollar smiles and your million dollar
“the odds are a million to one, but don’t you want to try?” come-on lines ,
Sentimental Suitcases stuffed to the brim with black and white photographs of how it was meant to be,
Cryptic Karma, waiting to jump out of the closet and haunt me…

I banish you all until I look you in the eye and dare you to make me decide, to face your cheap little threats. Dare you to face me, facing you, and listen to yourself. It’s life man, live it….

You can’t wreck my world if I’m speeding, running faster than you can catch me. If I don’t look forward and don’t look back. You can’t rain on my tacky little Saturday morning parade, if I barricade you off, make you get in line behind Santa Claus and his 8 tiny reindeer….

Until then, I’m dancing.

Catch me if you can……

And then, guess what?…

you’re it……

I'm going to the beach.....


Wizened Wizard said...

Yes: Live. Laugh. Banish them all and run. Dare them. Speed. And most of all, dance!

Vicariously, I will dance along with you to the beach, and I will forget that last night it snowed on my crocuses. After all, if you can banish doctors, lawyers and insurance agents, I can surely banish a few snowflakes.

Your blog is a breath of fresh air.

skinnylittleblonde said...

Just Give Me Peace!
I can't wait to dance in the sand!
I'll wear my red dress...but it'll look like a Harley tank top & cut-off levi's & Kimbies will wear her copper evening gown that really looks like flannels & a bandana...and we'll dance and sing the collectors, repossessors & money-mongers into a dizzy!

Angela Marie said...

Yes! YEs! and a screamin YES!!

To be free.. JUST GIVE US PEACE!!

I am on that beach right there with you dancing with the ocean breeze leaving misty kisses on our cheeks. :)

she said...

i love your writing!

raw, powerful, irresistible, real, restless and unique

this must describe you too

keep up the good work ~being you!

Bardouble29 said...

Amen sister!

Anne said...

Yeah, sometimes we have no other choice but to tell (most of) the world, "bite me."
Happiness and peace to you, my dear. :)

SpongyBones said...

Sweet! Catch me if you can. Never I say!

singleton said...

wizened want me to get after those snowflakes too? :)

slb....I'm packing everything and then just for the hell of it, i'm goin' naked! CWTSYSLB!

Angela Marie...Yes, YES, YES!

She...rrrrrrrrr....rearing to be restless and a little reckless :)


Anne...Now that, dear, is a gift, you summed it all up in two words...and here I am blabbering on and on! Love it!

Spongybones.... Never is right! as a good friend one told me on slamming the screen door and making a mad getaway...."my feetsa bees a burnin"...
Now catch that!
Peace, love, and open highways!

Rachelle Black said...

Great post- but you know what I loved?

I LOVE that someone else has a cat hair covered kitchen floor!!!

Of course, we also have dog hair- just to liven things up a bit.

singleton said...

rachelle....We are in good company, huh? Yeah, I've got the dog hair covered bed, clothes, etc... to match the cat hair covered floors and counter tops! Gotta love 'em if your eating and sleeping with 'em!