Thursday, February 22, 2007

The Critiques....and other chatter.....

“You have to paint more positive” “Draw happy things, you know, like
funny Valentines”
Oh my God, and should I sign my scribblings Hallmark?
“Well, you could just try. Try to not be so dark, so gloom and doom. So damned”
I like being damned. It gives me something to talk about.

“I don’t like that they all have nipples.”
Is it okay that they have noses?

“I know you’re writing about me. I know what you’re doing. Drawing those pictures and all”
It’s not all about you.
“Then what’s this one all about?”

“It’s kind of like airing your dirty laundrey, isn’t it?”

“They’re really pretty, but why are they all different colors?”
Aren’t we all?
“Yeah, but….”

“This house, all this, it’s nonsensical, really. Kind of like your brain on acid”
“There’s no place to sit. You don’t have a couch. You don’t even have chairs at the kitchen table. You have these step stool things. And cats everywhere”
“Everything is painted a different color. There’s no theme. It’s not smooth.”
“Kind of like how you think. All zipping back and forth like a pendulum”
“I’m not comfortable here”

“I kind of think they all look like me”
They do.

“You rock”
You roll….

“I would have been surprised if it hadn’t looked just like this. Your house”
You would have?
“Yeah, I always knew it would look just like this”


skinnylittleblonde said...

There's No Place Like Home...
Home Sweet Home.

They talk, those walls....See me...Feel meee...Touch me...See-ee Mee-e...

Spadoman said...

One class act, one classy painter/illustrator, and one peaceful soul. Other than that about you, I don't judge anybody. Put big smile here_____> :-))

Anonymous said...

Oh Singleton, I'm feelin' warm and fuzzy.

singleton said... read my mind, climb my walls....I just toted TOMMY home to wail by....

SweetSpado....Huge hugs for your road trip and prayers for your world. Huge thanks for your friendship....always.....

Anon...What timing you have!

JustRun said...

And why shouldn't your home reflect you? I'd find it odd any other way.

Angela Marie said...

Singleton!! Are these pictures of inside your home!! You are soooooo full of talent my sweet lady!!!

I agree with sweet spadoman!! He commented purfectly!! I second that comment!! lol!

I love your art! I see the mermaid on the door! I am soo happy that I found you!

Anonymous said...

i love the beer cap girls.

Dan said...

“I don’t like that they all have nipples.”

I LOVE that they all have nipples! I seriously think they're one of the most beautiful parts of the human body.

Criticism is ... well ... interesting. Just someone's opinion. (Just like my opinion on nipples!)

SpongyBones said...

Your artwork kicks ass, wish I could be as creative!

mindy said...

well.. i love it. i love all that color!! and those tiles! amazing. and those nipples!! :)

singleton said...

justrun....LOL! maybe they just find me odd! And I couldn't agree with you more! I didn't buy a "bed in a bag" or the "house in a box" so ....

Angela Marie...ahhh, we mermaids have to stick together!

Anonymous how did you find those midnight Michelobs?

Dan...LOL! Omitting nipples from the naked woman's body would be kind of like erasing her lips because she wasn't smiling.

Spongybones....Oh, and you are. The words that tumble, riot, billow through your poetry does exactly that! It is beautiful. Soulful. It breathes..... you rock!

singleton said...

mindy... LOL! we were typing at the same time! The ripple effect!

Lizard Princess said...

I'm with Dan on the nipple thing....I call them "decorative buttons". They're like sequins made out of flesh or something.
It's neat that God made lady nipples for decoration and function, while the male one are pretty much just decoration! (Although I've heard some "out-there" stories of men nursing babies, but we don't need to bring that into this conversation!)
Excellent work!!! PLEASE come over and paint every room in my house!!

No said...

I think the nipple makes the art more original, more like your signature...I think it adds to the art..

Baron Ectar said...

wow you are one talented woman - impressed I am and that doesnt come easy with me - very nice

singleton said...

lizard princess..."They're like sequins made out of flesh or something"...I love it! I wish I thought of that line first! Girl, you make me smile!

No...Thank you...Signature or sequins, they're there to stay baby!

baron...Just airing out another room in the house! Now, you've got me going......

Orhan Kahn said...

Your artwork is like falling snow, every piece is precious. But you don't need me telling you that ;)

singleton said...

Oh, you little ESPer... here we are in Florida and we were just talking about snowballs! If you only knew, how much I needed that! LOL!