Wednesday, April 09, 2008


I opened my back door on Sunday and could feel it. Smell it. Almost hear it over the weed-eater next door and the sirens. The beach.

We're counting days. Week-ends. Pennies. Nightmares. And then....

We're going!

Seven days and seven nights blurred together, smudged together, tethered together.....measured only by sunrises and sunsets.

And I ache for the peace.

The constant humming of the tilted window unit shuddering, puffing artic asthmatic breaths. Dripping onto the sidewalk, rusty little puddles I can splash my feet good rinse before I plow into bed at midnight or morning.

The crisp white sheets, sandpapered with coquina and periwinkles, and cozy~comfy, sprayed with sea salt....littered with wet swim suits and towels....and beer bottle rings.

The three o'clock huddle, the housekeepers hunkered down, hiding behind my door, clinking beers and sneaking in ice.

The first sunrise. Kimbies in her long nightie, waiting at the seawall.... The second sunrise, Kimbies in her long nightie and five of our new best friends waiting at the seawall....

The Brotherhoods of Death. Another year older. Wiser. And still aching for their friend, their brother, embracing us on the seawall. Dipping, diving, dancing....Remembering...

The starfish with three legs. Still moving. A ballerina with only one shoe. "It aint over til the fat lady sings" we tell her, and whisk her back to sea....

Pots and pans and dishpan drains filled with shells. Treasures for the keeping.

Feral cats strutting in the moonshine, plucking crablegs from the garbage and bellowing 'Hallelujah"....

The sound of Skinny's car crunching gravel in the make-shift parking lot. 400 miles and 3500 smart cars dollars later.....

The yellow butterfly of San Marina.....


Maithri said...

Aaahhh beautiful friend,

I'm there,
You've taken me...

carried on the
wings of your words

You know,
Theres a black dog
who chases the
gulls on the shores of
Venus Bay.

So many times
I've seen him
up the dunes
in pursuit
of a pair of white

Theres always a moment
where I'm sure
he forgets that
'black dogs cant fly'

A little
in eternity
where he Believes
that with just one more footstep
he'll be running
on the wind...

No longer a prisoner of
'black dog' thinking.

May we all have such
of gracious

That we might remember
the freedom
we lost
somewhere along
this sandy path.

All my love to you, Maithri

i beati said...

it;s calling me too big time


The walking,,,,,,down the beach,,,heads up, the sun smiling kisses on our pale winter noses. Sand squishing between our toes as the tiny waves repeat the endless caresses on our ankles.

The exploring, gathering of treasures,,while the gulls circle above,,,watching to see what we're leaving them.

Tiny little baby shells,,washed from who know's where,,,all purply/pearly,,,,,their swirly irridesence the perfection of nature's canvas,, traveling with us.

And suddenly we look back,,how far we've come,and didn't know.
Lost in our paradise of forgotten cares,,,,worries tied to the wings of pelicans,,,taking flight as only they can.

Turning around, it's a long walk ahead of us,,,and yet no distance at all. In paradise there are no miles,,,,no such thing as time,,
just an endless beach full of Sisters,in the eternal quest for peace,and we've found it.

Oh! Lord yes,,,,take me too!

Scott from Oregon said...

yeah! Woot! Woohoohoo!

The beach.


Stop by my blog and pick up your award.

singleton said...

Ahh,sweet friend,
I am the black dog....
with yellow wings by accident,
by happenchance,
Chasing butterflies
and nettleweed,
and caught,
for just a moment,
in flight....


enough to believe
can fly

and bottlecaps
shaped like
sand dollars in the sun

singleton said...

Ibeati....your close, sister, I'll set the siren loose, and you can meet us there.....

Babs....Were you with us last year? Or the time before? The night we sat with the Funeral Director eating lobster shish-ka-bobs and dancing in the mist? The night we dune rolled, breaking ribs and barriers, diving head first into the ocean and our childhoods? The morning we made periwinkle soup and slurped it down with Bloody Marys? The afternoon I stubbed my toe on the silver sun charm that hangs around my neck?

Yeah, I think you were....
I think if we had ever remembered
to drag out the Kodak
and capture the moment,
we would have seen your smile....

In the circle....:)

singleton said...

Now that my blow~up pool popped, it's the next best thing
to Fanastasia!
We can't wait!

Babs...Bless you, sweetie, may the circle be unbroken....

June 20th is the first official day of summer!

Shimmerrings said...

oh, you make me wanna run to the shore... where Butterflies catch the sweet salty breeze, skittering in and out and over lacy fingers, pretending they're gulls searching for food... and bellowing that peaceful sigh. White dunes and billowing green grasses, sand that sparkles like tiny diamonds, scattered across the coastal planes. Yes, I'd like to be there. Alone... and surrounded by all that I need to caress me.

Shimmerrings said...

I like that new pic... on the right. I see it all, the Heart, the Butterfly... and everylasting Peace. I also see the four directions of our lives :)

skinnylittleblonde said...

Lol...I am counting more than days Sister! ILYSVM!!!

Justgivemepeace said...

We should all run away!
Dance with the butterflies
and clink! with the moon.....
bury ourselves alive under the cool wet coquined sand and laugh when high tide saves us......
Peace is paradise....on a paper plate!

Peace, love and poppies...

SweetsisterloveSkinny....LOL! I haven't started counting "that" yet! Pulling a Scarlet o'hara.....And I'll worry about that tomorrow! ILYSVVM!

kj said...

have a great time, you guys!

see you on the other end of the beach...


Gillian said...

Yeah, what Maithri said!!! LOL
Can I go too?
Oh oh! Pick me!!!!
What fun you always have. Life in your world is the most colourful.

i beati said...

I put a special peace sign on my blog for you today

she said...

singtome: ~sounds like heaven

"to the beach; family; friends; good times..

drop off worries bring back shells and memory treasures"

love, peace, good times to all ~s.

Ultra Toast Mosha God said...

I like that cat. It's important to have faith when you're a feline.

The Electric Orchid Hunter said...

Gorgeous: it's like we're there with you. I need to see the ocean. I get withdrawal symptoms. Don't think I was ever meant to be a landlubber...

singleton said...

KJ....We're still weeks and weeks away from the great escape (minutes out the backdoor) forever on the calendar! But it's coming. Waiting. Out there ready! Enjoy your vacay, girl! We're right behind you!

Blue.....You! Pack a bag! You need one swimsuit, one pair of cutoffs and um, maybe an old T-shirt! Tadah! For everything else there's the Tiki-Bar and a vending machine! Fly South!

Ibeati....I'm headin' that way now! I've been a wanderer of late (In circles, teeny weeny little circles goin' nowhere) Time to venture out! Peace, my sweet friend, and thank you!

Ultra....They know! Oh, they know!:)

Electric....Amen! Amen! Amen! Sometimes it's just down right unatural for some of us to be inland!

Ride the waves