Sunday, December 09, 2007

Your Mama wears Combat Boots....

These are the ones. I had to decide between construction boots and the spanish formal or combat boots and the little black dress. The little black dress won. My date, whom by the way I asked out, for New Years Eve, is one of my dearest friends. Charming, conservative, intelligent and 23 years my senior, he'll be wearing impecable taste and a smile.

Jonah, my eldest and youngest, and only son, stopped by this afternoon...We played catch-me-up on the porch, me stringing love beads and he, checking voice mails and text messages one right after the other. Claiming too little sleep and a too bright sun, he lumbered through the house collecting hand me down towels, a bar of soap, and a frozen pizza..... pausing on his way to thumb through the Halloween pictures piled on the microwave. "Ya had fun, didn't ya Mom?" "Yeah, son we did, we really did...." "Ya goin' out for New Year's again?" "Oh yeah, wait, I'll show you my boots......"

His hollywood chin tipped to the left. One eyebrow raised just a hair. "You're doin' it again, Ma....." smile "People are gonna talk".... full grin now. "I know, son, but I have a broken foot....I can't help it, and I wanna dance" "They're gonna talk....."...... huge grin now.

"Love ya, Ma"....words tossed over his shoulder as he clanked through the screen door, and down the drive way....

And now it's my turn to smile.


Maithri said...

I am grateful

for spaces

in time.

That have allowed
me to explore a
little more of your world.

Just clicking on the
tag 'son' at the bottom
of this post
sent me flying
head first into another world.

to be a little fly on the wall
and watch your love story

I feel my heart grow
when i read you.

Love, M

The Electric Orchid Hunter said...

Girls who wear boots kick ass!

Anonymous said...

persichetti says...

And if my guess is correct on who you date is - no doubt you will arrive home safely:) Have a drink, a dance and some fun for me! I will be with you in spirit for sure!

skinnylittleblonde said...

Did you get those boots?! Or are they still on the hit list?
Love 'em & I know you'll have fun being the talk of the town.

singleton said...

I'm so glad you've had time off, a break, a respite, and while I'm terrible at keeping track of days, your little vacation is probably coming to a close soon, and the days are getting shorter....

I followed you back into the past, my past, his, and didn't even realize the chain was there....And I almost couldn't do it....couldn't read the words again....But we lived it and lived through it and seeing it now in black and white, remembering it in every color ever named, reminds me why we do One day at a time in our world now. One smile. And today, was a joy. A gift. My son and I on the porch. Free....

singleton said...


Persichetti....Ahhhh, girl, join us for spirits! Now, how cool would that be.....???? RSVP, baby, we've got extra tickets!

skinny....these are THE Cinderella boots! :)

peace~love my friends
These boots are made for dancin'

mindy said...

i wore my combat boots on my wedding day.. pretty blue dress.. spiderweb pantyhose..and black combat boots.. ha! we were married on halloween..even if we hadn't chosen halloween, i would have worn the boots! ha!

somewhere joe said...

...and they glow in the dark, too!

skinnylittleblonde said...

Lol @ Mindy's comment...she is a wild-child! And I love it!

eric1313 said...
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eric1313 said...

I wore combat boots to all the school dances, home coming through proms I wasn't supposed to go to. When I was a sophomore, I went to the senior prom with my squeeze. She loved the boots.

My prom? I didn't go to it!

I am so glad to know that you and your son are OK. God, what a blessing for you. I was worried!

And sorry I din;t get by today. I've been distracted big time by a bunch of things.

We've weaved some lines
lost a few lucky dimes
danced a tango and a twist
and tripped long and hard
down the purple brick road

all over the world of light
wild, impartial sky
the valley of stars,
there's one for every soul
reach up and take a few
they're yours to keep
yours to love
for today

whose line is it again?

who cares...

whose to say...

the next line is mine
by words,
by rights
the next line is yours
by numbers
by the flame

Pull down a star
and watch it glow
as we spin the world
like a painted-tin top--
lightning does the trick

But what comes next
is anyone's guess
line by line
by silver-tongued line

history is what she says
it is...

spare her the drama--
bring her your lucky dimes

singleton said...

Mindy....Clink! You rock little one!:)

Somewhere Joe...Ha! I hope so~I might need 'em to guide me home!


Wishing you calm tides, low and quiet....
lucky dimes and lucky lines,
wishing you peace....

Peace~love my friends

karma lennon said...

You always make me smile. :)

sean said...

Girls have all the fun.
Let them talk, who's listenin'

i beati said...


wreckless said...

Nice kicks and great story.
Little things can just make your world can't they? His "love you" and little convo and some great kicks. Life is good.
Presently the chips are down with me, but I am finding great joy in the little things that I do have.

singleton said...

karma....And that makes me smile:) Love ya, girl!

Sean....Yup, "girls gotta have fun!" LOL! And in the words of BR..."Let's give em somethin' to talk about....."

Ibeati....I really never ever said that! But my poor children, have been taunted by the "your Mama" biz for years and years.... And still they smile.....

Wreckless...Ahhh, sweetie, know all about the chips being down, and somehow, that is when we discover the "great joy in the little things".....We must be a hard bunch to teach, huh? Wishing you respite and peace, soon.....

Peace ~ love , my friends

eric1313 said...

Peace & love


Shimmerrings said...

You go, girl!... and sounds like you will be goin' in style, what with your escort... nice.

kj said...

practical chic and chic practicality. perfect.


Max-e said...

Hi Singleton
I'm back thanks to my new recliner, which has made sitting in front of my computer bearable. Thanks for all your thoughts during my operation recovery. I am not yet where I want to be, but am told that the bypass will kncok 15 years off my age. That's gonna be fun.
By the way I love your boots - they should give your ankles good support for dancing.

Orhan Kahn said...

Aw, I wish I were your son. Too lucky to have a mother like you.


Ultra Toast Mosha God said...

Nice boots!

Pride gets in the way of all the fun doesn't it?

Kind of like Shame..

Enemy of the Republic said...

Hell, I love them. They go great with a black velvet dress.

I have a book recommendation since I noticed you like Sue Monk Kidd. Read The Dance of the Dissident Daughter. It isn't fiction, but her rebellion against Christian patriarchy and her discovery of the Goddess. It makes me think of you.

Sorry I haven't been around--end of semester blues.

Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

In fishnets and boots with high heels,
She jumps on her spiffy pink wheels,
Her seashell bikini,
Might score a martini,
Because of the skin it reveals.

i beati said...

Walksfarwoman blog is deleted. Where is she does anyone know. She was such a reflective positve voice in my life..??

Mavin said...

Hey, I think the photography contests are scams.

singleton said... safe my friend, and know.....I'm always here for you, sending prayers for peace.....

Shimmerings....Ahhhh, we're gonna have a great time....Him spinning on a dime, and me clomping up a storm! :) And the circle, ever growing, clanking in the New Year!

KJ....Glad you approve! It was a total toss up between the boots or.....the boots! :)

Peace~love my friends

singleton said... scared me to pieces! Rockin' your world like that! So glad to see you sharing again, and I hear a smile in your voice.....Wishing you a blessed New Year, fifteen years the junior! :)

Orhan....:) If you were my son, you'd be Skinny's nephew, Silly! :)

Ultra....It ain't gettin' in my way! I gave that up with youth and money!:) Now, Shame, that's another story.....

Peace~love my friends

singleton said...

Enemy....I haven't left my own backyard much, so I totally, totally understand..... I'll have to put that on my summer read list, I absolutely loved The Secret Lives of Bees, although The Mermaid's chair was a littly too love-storyish for me.... Is it new? Or did I just miss it?

Sometimes Saintly....LOL! Did someone wear that to Bike Week? :)

Ibeati....I don't know, sweetie, that seems to be happening more and more lately....As if winter is a time for maybe, hibernation...

Mavin...I'm sorry to hear that, but nonetheless, YOUR photography was beautiful, and that shouldn't stop you at all from pursuing it....There are tons and tons and tons of legitimate avenues out there....Keep clicking! Keep printing! Keep capturing, you're on the right track even if those scam artists arent......

Peace~love my friends

Gillian @ Indigo Blue said...

I seriously could have used those boots last Saturday night.

Enemy of the Republic said...

It isn't publicized much. It is a memoir of her journey from patriarchical Christianity to discovering the feminine in God. I would love to have a reading group on it--I often feel the pagans saw things that Christianity left out and the Virgin is our only image of the feminine that glows. I didn't read her second novel because I heard the same criticisms.

Princess Pointful said...

Good... they should be talking. You're worth their interest and conversation.

(your boots reminded me of my mother... which is a tremendous complement. I am supposed to be with her tonight, but the airline deities had a different idea...)

singleton said...

Indigo.....Aren't they too cool? We could share, we just need two Saturdays in between for the snailmail trade! :)

Enemy....Im gonna put that on the list for 2008.....Wishing you and yours a blessed one...and for all of us, good reads, good vibes, good stuff!

Princess...I hope by now you and Mama are reunited, that the friendly skies fixed their biz, and landed you safe! And thank you for the compliment sweetie....Enjoy being home, the spirit, the circle...Happy Holidays!

Peace~love my friends