Saturday, December 01, 2007

When the Angels Call...

I'm drinking Champagne. Left over from a good time a zillion years ago. Recorked and shoved in the back of the fridge. I pulled it out and denied it the opportunity of a memory, popped the cork...a gunshot in the kitchen, a snapping bone in the living room, and it bubbled....

I poured it into one of the mismatched antique champage glasses Mary Cook gave me for a wedding gift as many years ago. And clinked her.

I'm waiting to hear from Skinny.

I'm waiting to hug her over a Verizon phone line, to sit indian style on the living room floor smoking cigarettes in tandem, hundreds of miles apart, waiting to explain to her why she heard the christmas bells, the jingle bells, the beckoning blue eyes of Nadine calling. Waiting to tell her, "I understand now"..... Waiting to tell her "I love you" again.... and again... and again....

I almost went dancing. Could've, would've, almost did. But then I wouldn't have been here. Wouldn't have heard the angels calling.....


singleton said...

In the wee hours of the night, SLB's sweet little lady, Marbeline, passed away. Heaven has a new bark on the block this morning, a little brindle colored bowling ball.....
Rest in peace sweet Marbeline

Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

I visited her blog a bit ago with the lovely photo and story of Marbeline. I am so glad you “heard the angels calling”—a wonderful phrase.

Gillian @ Indigo Blue said...

Takes a special someone to even HEAR them...guess you're it.
I love this place, tinking you, Skinny and everyone else.

Gillian @ Indigo Blue said...

Tell Skinny I am so sorry.

karma lennon said...

There is so much beauty in every word you write....Tell Skinny how sorry I am about Marbeline.

singleton said...

Sometimes Saintly....Thank you for your kind words to SLB, Marbeline came to her by meant-to-be chance, spoke to her in the language of love, and yesterday before she passed, barely able to take another step, took Skinny to the water.....guided her there, pulled her there ...."take me to the river".....yes, the angels were calling....

Indigo....Thank you sweetie, Skinny will find comfort in your words here...and Marbeline, like the angels before her, comfort in the opened arms that beckoned her home....

karma....And I know you know, the soulful friendship between us butterfly girls and our four legged loves. Marbeline will be so missed in Skinny's day, her home, her world.....and so still-here in heart and thoughts...

Peace~love my friends

Maithri said...

Dear Singleton,

What angels they are. On this earth and in heaven. I lost my own 4 legged beloved a few months ago,

I wrote this at the time.

'The Night shift

I opened the door at three am
and called your name aloud,
Like I always do.

It was strange not to see you
come to my side.

I walked into the kitchen
and there on the table
Someone had lit a candle.

Just next to it
was that worn, ruddy brown collar
you wore so proudly around your neck

And i knew
You were sleeping.

Love you always my faithful friend.'

Love to you my friend, to Skinny, and to the little hearts that beat at our feet.

Sent from heaven to fill our cups with love,

May their joy never end,


singleton said...


That is beautiful....
not just the words,
but the love....

For some it's hard to understand,
but for
the faithful,
those that know the
treasures of
they know...

I'm sorry for your loss, too. Going through this with my sister last night, and for the weeks that warned us, was heartwrenching, and
when I finally tumbled
to bed,
sheets washed but piled in a heap,
and Georgia piled up beside me
on lumps of comforters
and knotted cotton
I thanked God
she was
"sent from heaven to fill my cup"

Thank you, my friend, the heavens are full of love......

Anonymous said... home was her home away from home, as she really always has been an angel. That girl knew all about peace & love, despite looking like a killer.
I heard the bells, but I didn't know. I fought hard for her, but alas in the end, peace always wins. ilysvms.

TY to everyone for your warm words of relation.

kj said...

i'm convinced dogs walk the planet as guides and angels assuring we humans that we understand unconditioal love and unabashed joy.

thinking of you, skinny, with deep love.


singleton said...

SweetloveofmineSLB....yes, baby, in the end, peace wins, and the heavens will dance......

KJ....Amen. Thank you, friend.


sean said...

Hello Singleton, how've been- this is an old angel calling.
Glad you're well.

singleton said...

Ahhh,sweet angel friend,
and so very very glad to see you!

mindy said...

so sorry to hear of this.. tell paige i'm so sorry.

Princess Pointful said...

The sound of a cork brings memories rushing back to overwhelmingly.

Sorry to hear about the loss of the little one. I could write volumes on the passing of my furry friend and how people just don't seem to know how deep it cuts you.

singleton said...

Mindy....thank you, sweet girl

princess....And Pop! Another memory unbottled, free.....

if you wrote volumes on your friend, SLB and I would be two of the folks who would read every word beside you, listening, knowing.....

Peace~love my friends

Spadoman said...

That grape done twists my head!

The Circle, still round. The roundness, still the strongest structure.


Peace to All.

i beati said...

They know where they receive the most love ibeati

singleton said...

spado...its a mighty circle, friend..... a halo, a hoolahoop,a golden ring....
love grows.....

ibeati....Right you are, so I know she'll be back to visit again....little guardian butterball bowling ball in the sky....

peace~love my friends
and when you hear thunder,
hear the angels bowling,
that's little Marbeline
rolling about their ankles.....
making them laugh!

Orhan Kahn said...

Missing the Skinny is like missing a kidney..

singleton said...

Oh Orhan, I know. Its crazy anymore. First all the commotion and now she's working a zillion hours and commuting more to boot! I have skinny withdrawls all the time! BTW, she misses you too!

Orhan Kahn said...

Oh, sister from the farest distance, how much a year can change. Just so long as she knows my love is always there for her :)

singleton said...

She misses you, too, Orhan, and the winds of change will calm, fade, and gather strength in a new direction....
And she knows....
And hopes you know....

eric1313 said...

There's always time
to dance again,
another day,
another twirl
another heart
and starting
Always to the rhythm
of the song
playing in her heart

There's always time
to have one more

to let fingers run
like living combs
through the fine hair
of a lover

to hold her face
in hands shaking and weak
from drinking of her
breathing her smell;
her breath
a breeze from a
candle lit corner
a little west
of heaven

that all time
in all creation
for two souls
to hear that one song
they'll sing to each other
in tones of endearment
for the rest of all time