Friday, November 16, 2007

Somedays, I'm not perfect......

Not even close.....

And I can whine like a lost train freewheeling it down the side of an untracked mountain.....

This would be one of those days....

The cats threw up on my markers....


eric1313 said...

I love it! Real time. I just saw your comment and it made me click over to the hippie parade tab one more time.

Poor kitties, they can't help it...

And I can whine like a lost train freewheeling it down the side of an untracked mountain.....

I love that line. You come up with some of the best imagery. Clinkin' ya, big time.

justacoolcat said...

Not on the markers! Well, that's Karma in the bank. You're day is going to get better. I can feel it.

Shimmerrings said...

I'm sure it was probably your fault for not feeding them hairball formula cat food, or something. Right? ... and omg! :0 Not the markers!!! :( rofl...

Maithri said...


Only you can make cat throw up graceful my friend. ;)

What do we do
when the train
is freewheeling

and the markers are
sitting in a pile of
cat spew ;)

We give ourselves a portion of mental love, and say


Sending light dancing on the winds of heaven to usher in a new dawn,

Love and hugs, Maithri

singleton said...

Eric....Hah! They probably ate the crayons first, little darlin's! I've been stewing for a hissy fit for days and days now, how a little ta!dah! could send me spinning, I dunno.....But I've gone weeks without drawing, and finally Sweet SLB sends me a treasure from justgivemepeace and I can load up on new markers and it's flowing again....And then they throw up all over them!

suchacoolcat...Karma in the bank! Love it! Oh, I didn't even think about it, maybe they just didn't like "those" colors!

Shimmerings....LOL! If anybody needs hairball formula food, it's me! There's tumble weeds of cat and puppy hair billowing through this house! When I vacuum (which isn't often, because I'm not Martha Stewart, you know!) I have to vacum the air!

"What do we do
when the train
is freewheeling

and the markers are
sitting in a pile of
cat spew ;)"

is sit right down next to 'em,
dust 'em off with paper towels
and pipe dreams
and color on!

Peace~love my beautiful friends

eric1313 said...

That's the way. I'm glad to hear that you're drawing again. I was worried about that, but I too did not want to bother you with asking if everything is OK.

The ember is always glowing under the layers of ash. It will flare up at any time. Clink!

The Electric Orchid Hunter said...

Aww, I'm so sorry... and I was having the best Friday ever! Maybe there's not enough smashing Fridays to go round. I'll listen to The Mamas & The Papas and think of you...

singleton said...

Eric...And for two people who are never short of words and can ramble on into the indigo eternities about absolutely anything......What moon silenced us? Strange, huh? Friday night pact......never again!

and I don't say
and you don't say
and I don't ask
and you don't ask
and youknowiknowyouknow
the spraypaint police

Clink! To the electric fireplace, the bonfire, the smoldering cigarette....the glow....

Electric....Are you kidding me? Smashing Fridays? OMG.......I'm banking on Saturday this seven-days around, until then, you have me humming.....
"be sure to wear....
flowers in your hair".....
Love it!

Peace~love my friends

drips of paint said...

You are still so beautiful ... :)))))

peace love and dance!

Orhan Kahn said...

Such is love and life, niether is perfect. Not even close.

kj said...

now singleton, i must inform you that my whining and complaining skills are at the super expert level. i am sure i would beat you in head to head competition in this catagory.

i'm also an optimist. i'm glad it wasn't cat pee.

i beati said...

time to dance under and around that tree and clinkety clink clink!!

she said...

it's the oldest trick in the cat book; chapter:

how to keep her attention.

but no match for the creative dog when she's barkin'

"to colorful markers and healthy cats!" love, ~s.

singleton said...

Drips.......TY! I'm hopin' to dance tonight! You'll never believe the contraption I'll be camoflouging, but I'll be spinning! Peace~love~colors

Orhan...."not even close"....I know. Still, somedays are better than others......:)

KJ.....Optomist! Girl,you got me going! Too damn funny!

lbeati.....pluggin' it in as we speak....and cranking up the music....LOUD! :)

She.....Thank God men don't think like cats! And as for the markers, welp, I just washed 'em off and started coloring all over again! Oh wait a minute, maybe men do think like that! :)

Peace~love my friends

Maithri said...


Do me a favour...

Take the title of this post...

Cut out the 'Somedays' and the 'Not'...

Take whats left and write it on you're palm

And remind yourself of every ripple of love you've sent into the universe... thats now a wave... thats now the ocean..

Love, M

Scott from Oregon said...

If they were magic markers it wouldn't matter...

singleton said...

Maithri....Ha! I've scribbled on my palms a zillion numbers, combinations, answers to test questions, forget me nots, random doodles in a fit of boredom, but never ever ever those words! Bless you, sweet friend, for believing in my spirit(in spite of my temper tantrums!) I'm not even close, but you just made my day!

Scott.....Ahhh, but they are magic....:)

Maithri said...

My friend,

As the rose
in every moment
of its

So are you.

Write it on your palm
on your mirror
on your life

You are perfect.

With reverent love,


Gillian @ Indigo Blue said...

OOh Singy-poo.
Cats are trouble. But we love em. They purr and can be standoffish but we love em. They do love us unconditionally...kind of like Blog friends. But we wouldn't throw up on your markers.
So! I agree, dust them off and keep going. And none of us are perfect though we long to be. We are always surprised when we are reminded that we aren't too. Kind of like a bit of shock, to realize that we are moody, make mistakes and can be crabby for no reason.
It is what it is.
Love ya, keep writing sistah!

Justgivemepeace said...

Just because I'm feeling wild and
free and
I swear you egged me on,
I'm gonna dig out the nine year
old lipstick still
floating on the bottom
of my purse
buried under loose tobacco
and nickels and pennies and
Winn Dixie reciepts
and write on the mirror!

Indigo....Gotta love the cats! Tangled in my morning hair, lounging on my favorite clothes, tiptoing on the counter top.....every no!no! wrapped in love!

Peace~love my friends!

Princess Pointful said...

But, even on such days, when your source of inspiration is covered in cat puke, you still manage to make it sound entrancing!

singleton said... just summed it up perfectfly! My "source of inspiration covered in cat puke!"....Oh, you should have heard me bellowing! Not at them, they don't understand people language unless it's love-love, nope, I was bellowing at the sky, the cracked cielings that canopy my living room floor...And then, as usual, I gave up the hissy fit, and carried on....Clink!