Sunday, October 14, 2007

I'm gonna be a Macho Man.....

With one shoe on and one shoe off! Let the party begin! We're six and one and ready to rumble! Chey's got her chaps, and the newlyweds next door are collecting feathers and leathers, Theo is donning the blues.....

And out of the perfectly clear oceanside past, Persichetti shows up on my porch this afternoon, and our plea, for a few good men has been answered! Ta!Dah!

Trick or Treating is gonna be a blast.....
concrete boot and all......

And yeah, Cinderella did wear construction boots, just not in the made for TV version......


eric1313 said...

Rainy and cold day up here. Hope yours is better.

That the official hardhat of the Gimme Peace for-woman? I knew you'd do it. And now you're gonna turn your crew into the Village People... The party never ends.

Sounds like you had lots of love to share with the village people and with your friends.

singleton said...

Yuup, that's the official hat....and I figured if I'm the construction worker, which I am, there won't be any lightening bolts on my forehead....just gimmepeace, it's gotta be! And we really couldn't be anything else, we are a village! And the circle grows....

eric1313 said...

You still there, hippie love?

Got the crew with ya?

I've got Pink Floyd "Relics" playing, all old stuff with the incomparrable yet sad Syd Barret. Stuf like 'Arnold Layne' and 'See Emily Play' and 'Bike'.

"I've got a bike
you can ride it if you like
it's got a basket abd bells
and things that make it
look good.

I'd give it to you if I could
but I borrowed it"

That song cracks me up.

eric1313 said...

I see the new clink!


singleton said...

Sheesh....I'm on a roll...who left me at home? I think I could write a novel in a night, anendless night, where I stayed up 76 days in a row, and spilled it all out....celebrations, victorys, dramas, defeats, punchlines, cheaplines, heartaches, heartfelts, all of it.....
A two thousand mile long clothesline with every thought blowing in the wind....

eric1313 said...

You sure could. And it would be a great one. We all know that.

76 days in a row. That's a lucky number for you, isn't it? I thought so when I saw the Death of a Mermaid drawing. What does it mean, if you don't mind me asking?

singleton said...

I have no idea, I didn't even know those numbers were on Mermaid.....but numbers are wild to me....I dream about them, see them.....they pop up, a necessary part of my pictures, and truly I never know why.....

eric1313 said...

That's really cool.

by theirselves

6 is associated with the devil.
7 is associated with God.
76 is kind of a yin-yang, then.

That's what I make of it.

Yeah, you didn't see it on Mermaid? By the 'deep, deep water', you have a reddish-pink 76.

I love all the elements of your drawings, you make them so deep. And it's subliminal... interesting.


singleton said...

SLB pulled out her "meaning" books and really, its a wild kinda thing.....
yin-yang is always good,
pisces in black and white

eric1313 said...
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singleton said...

Clink! The circle is complete.....
one swims left
and one swims right
and together
they make a

eric1313 said...

Dr Seuss's Electric Kool-Aid

One fish and two fish;
one fish loves to swim
two fish would rather
walk on the dry land.

red fish and blue fish;
the red sees the ocean
half-way full
but the blue fish knows
it must be
half empty.

Seen black and white
the red fish is gray
the blue fish
a hazy shade.

In black waters deep,
or white waters steep
one swims left
one swims right
and always they stay
near and the same.

A circle dance of
life and death and
death and life...

Black and white
in the center they meet,
the Tao of Pisces
the circle's complete.

eric1313 said...


there went my editing hand!

Another poem for the wall, perfect, imperfect, a Piscean dream, all the same...


singleton said...

And that's the way it is...
yin yang
yesterday and today
black white
for tomorrow
in neon

eric1313 said...

they make a

Together they spash
and toss and drift
and float
in the shoals
in the grotos
over the reefs
and under the sun
shinnig down
through clear waves
always a hint
of blue

The color of
our lives...

singleton said...

And the color of the sky changes
with every dance
with every word
sunken treasures
in wet concrete

singleton said...

And if you keep editing and deleting on my pages, people will think I'm talking to myself! Which, I do, by the way:)

eric1313 said...

sifting through the
sands of time
or toes find
Spanish gold
and British jewels
lost to the waves
out of sight and mind

We make from them
an impromtu crown,
a tiarra
that cathches the light

Treasures of the past
gifts in the present...
and the gift of time
in our lives
that are all too short
but long enough to find
a lost shard of peace
forgotten tokens of love
things to make us smile
things that make us think
our knees week
hearts strong
minds made up
and the sun falls down
into the sea
we watch it go
and wave

and now it's time...

eric1313 said...

I know! I thought that, so I try to limit it. But that poem had a name and a misspelling. I had to fix it! Misspelling and repeated words next to each other bother my psyche...

eric1313 said...

I promise not to edit this one (right now)

People! Singleton is not talking to herself up there! That's me editing. I'm kinda crazy like that. But in a good way. ;)

singleton said...

Found treasures
gathered in plastic sand pails
I hold the handle
and you lug the bucket
and we trapse
almost swagger
in the sand...
i'm the collector
and your the
and together
we'll build a

eric1313 said...

That's so beautiful.

Collector and Creator...
We are both.
You love found things,
and I like making
old things new

It's what we do with words
all of the spoken beofre
having tied a
billion tongues up
from Beowulf to Shakespeare
Lords Byron and Tennyson
Poe, Hemingway, Vonnegut
and now we take them
and make spidery lines
that tease the best
from each other
and twist into
beautiful sunsets
over and over and over...

eric1313 said...

I have to shut down and re-boot. 'puter's acting weird...

Catch ya soon

singleton said...

this party princess has to call it a night,
there's only one left before Monday
and I've spent
the other two
spinning on dimes
and blue inked lines
and daydreams
of butterflys....
peace~love my poetic, prophetic friend...
and words
your words
a champagne fountain at
a come-hither reception

eric1313 said...

Your words are just as wild and true and filled with wonder. We create some real magic on the fly.

Good night, friend.

We've weaved some stories together, the last few nights. Like twenty or so? More? You betcha! Amazing stuff. Simply amazing.

Anonymous said...

Glad Persichetti blew in on you! I know & trust you gave her some of my love. That girl is such a keeper! xoxox!

sandykessler said...

I can visualize it now haahahahah what fun!!

singleton said...

SLB...Can you believe it! It was like a damned miracle coming up my driveway! Ahhh, feel the love! And yeah, we are so gonna have a good time, even the village boys!, good sports that we are makin' out of 'em!
clin! To keepers!

Eric....rooftops to rivers...

sandy.....of course, we just found out that this crew has competition....yeah, we know, we're not the first, but for there to be TWO sets of Village People at one party? Oh, the heat is on.....Now we have to go out and choreograph our entrance! :)

peace~love kindred souls

SpongyBones said...

Wasn't that the Village People????

singleton said...

spongy....LOL! And here we are again....and just as old! Still, we're gonna have a blast!