Sunday, October 07, 2007

If "what's her name" can do it, so can I......

I've been in hand-me-down cut-offs, bell bottomed jeans, and stove pipe scrubs for 7 weeks now . All my left shoes are piled in a heap on the bedroom floor, a thousand steps older than the right ones. I'm sure I'm gonna walk with a permanent gimp to the left, like a mama that's toted too many chubby babies on her jutting hip.

So I did what any peace~lovin' hippie would do...drug out my dancin' shoes (well, one!) and a little black dress (And a little black magic) from the back of the closet.....And went dancing!

Yup, you can swivel in a cast. Swirl, twirl, go up and down, hoop, holler, spin, and do it again.

Clink! These boots were made for dancin'.....


Sandy Kessler said...

Oh yes !!!!

Sandy Kessler said...

black dress against the happy fiesta ware !!Looking Good !!

eric1313 said...

Blue Lady in a black dress.
With mic in hand and a trusty
peace time combat boot
on her right foot,
you look like you are ready
to go out on the town

If we ever go dancing,
are the locals
gonna be jealous,
or what?

Especially if we wear all black...
Especially if we bring out all
the paints, cyan, magenta, aqua
on a black whirling backdrop
with disco lights spinning
bar stools wobbling
all eyes following the scene--somehow we never fall down.

Max-e said...

Singleton, you sure know how to make the best of a situation.

Oceanshaman said...

So brave and fearless . . .

I love it . . .

singleton said...

Sandy...LOL! I had to paint the whole kitchen to match those dishes! I just love that none of 'em match! Which, of course, makes 'em match all the better!

Eric...Not only was I ready, we did! And thank goodness, "somehow we never fell down".... I only made it three hours, but it was good...And Friday night's are made for dancin'.....
"on a black whirling backdrop
with disco lights spinning"

Max.....Honestly, I've been gettin' kinda antsy! And they keep playing Rolling Stones..... :)

Oceans......Fearless! I love it! I think the word I usually hear is Reckless and we both know, theres a big difference!

Peace~love my friends, here's to the sound that week-ends make!

Anonymous said...

Persichetti says...

Little black dress! Sounds like a "Send Me An Angel" kinda night! Watch out! Love ya still got it!

skinnylittleblonde said...

You are so adorable! What a perfect apparatus that boot has turned into! A automatic dance enhancer...pivot, spin, swirl! LOL...ILY!

singleton said...

Persichetti....Huge Smile! Ahhhh, we used to have fun didn't we? From little black dresses to baggy overalls, we always had fun....And along the way, the Angels came.....
Love you, girl!

SLB....You got that right! I'm amazed at what a good ride this ole cast turned out to be....Fortunately no one dipped me....that right foot flying coulda knocked the heck out of someone! ILYSVVM! Gawd, I wish you and Persichetti were here too! Could we ever punk up that dancefloor!

Scott from Oregon said...

Looks a bit like a ski boot. I don't think I coul dance in a ski boot.

Course, then it'd give me the excuse I've been looking for...

Maithri said...

Singleton, Three words "You look hot!" :)

You go dancin girl!

Lots and lots of Love, M

eric1313 said...

"I love this bar..."

(and back porch)

paddy said...

.......... ehat's just what they'll doo......."
Good for you, and very sweet indeed if I may say so even without the swirl and twirl.
"Let's dance put on your red shoes
and dance the blues

Let's dance to the song
they're playin' on the radio

Let's sway you could look into my eyes
Let's sway under the moonlight,
this serious moonlight"
Y;-) Paddy

singleton said...

Scott...LOL! I don't think I could dance in a ski boot either and I know I couldnt ski in one! But after seven weeks of toting this baby....Something had to give!

Maithri...It was so good to go and actually be free on the dance floor...not holding onto the wall or someone's shoulders for dear life! I can finally be weightbearing on in my world that meant.....
Ta! Dah! Ummmmm, Maybe I shouldn't tell the Doctor?

Eric...Clink! October moons are made for parties on the porch!And speaking of "I love this bar".....working on costumes for the Halloween Ball! And I'll give you a hint.....
we're a half a dozen
as different as the same
I'll still wear blues and peace
to dance
and boots are made for.....

Paddy.....One of my all time, turn the music up and the disco ball in the living room on, and Lets Dance songs.....turn the CD up, crank the windows half way, and Lets Dance in the five o'clock traffic songs....
And I remember being there, at David Bowie.....Dancing in the aisles! You rock, my lyrical friend!

Peace~love my friends, It's Monday, here we go again!

karma lennon said...

Love your photo, you look amazing! And so glad you were able to go dancing! Yay! :)

she said...

(thought so.. left comments yesterday but got kicked off library computer before they were saved)

singtome: you look beautiful! that kitchen.. that dress... that shoe..

dance like the whole world is watching ") love, ~s.

JustRun said...

Good stuff!

The Electric Orchid Hunter said...

Awesome. And no-one tripped over your cast? That's pretty cool. How long before you get to take it off?

SpongyBones said...

My, my, my even with my foot fetish (I'm kidding on that) you are one hot mamma and I would chase you down like a wild animal :) ... love the print of that cast. I think that may be marketable after you get it off!

eric1313 said...

it's your 6:13 clink!

singleton said...

Karma....I've been counting and waiting and perched on the black vinyl barstool watching....I couldn't wait to get out there and do it again! LOL! I had to wear this quick cause when I get outa the cast none of my right shoes are gonna fit...Lord knows what I'll have to wear!

she....Smiling... The kitchen is as broken as my foot! That's my answer to anything that need's fixing! Paint over it! Glue on it! Punk it up! And as for dancing, well as long as the musics playing, we gotta move to it!

Justrun...Goodtimes! :)

Electric....Well, I bonked a few! I was hoping this week, but the Doc was frowning this morning (Do you think he could tell I went dancing and then dug trenches on Saturday?) so maybe next week.... :)

spongy...LOL~ the scribbled looked great the first few weeks, now we're down to faded tattoos and smudges! But it's a helluva lot better than that homely plaster thing! And after eight weeks of never "changing shoes" I doubt I can even market it to the garbage man!

Eric...8:19, clink ya back!

Maithri said...

"As long as the musics playing we gotta move to it"

wisdom pours from you as easily as the light shines through my window this bright spring morning.

Sendin it your way,

Tink! ;)


eric1313 said...

How's the weather down there?
Got a beer?

Gillian @ Indigo Blue said...

So glad you went out to cut half a rug. Good for you lady! Man you look great. I'll bet you put some two footed mama's to shame.
Atta girl!

singleton said...

Maithri.....Tink! It's spring there? Oh, I'd never wish away a day, but spring and summer are my your windows and let the good light, the warm light, shine this way!

Eric....Clinkin' in real time! The weather is perfect and
but not hand me downs
tried and true

The color of the sky changes....

Gillian...:)LOL! It's such a great place, they just gave us some extra space....and everybody smiled! And thank goodness, I didn't step on anybody, bonked a few ankles, but didn't step on anyone!

Peace~love my sweet friends

eric1313 said...

I'm here, too.

the color of the sky is like a velvet jewelbox

the words are writen on the face of all time

real time clink! Got new old words up at the tree house.

singleton said...

yes, a velvet jewelbox....
the plastic ballerina twirling
in slow time
jilted time
but the music

wow'nd for sound.....

eric1313 said...

she turns her
every night dance
on most nights
as the girls
fall to sleep

but when all is quiet
the world pirohuettes
around her painted eyes
if only just for once

one night
the music is all for her

singleton said...

And I climbed the tree
and read
didn't speak
didn't rustle
but thought
words best left grafittied on
my garden gate....
"I believe"....

In the morning, when the sun is penny copper
and the coffee hot and dark and jolting,
I'll read again, and maybe it will be different,
or maybe,
I'll just remind myself
"I believe".....

Your writing is always beautiful, and starkly real....
and like found treasures at the seaside, I can see
anything I'm looking for
in the words
for us all to plunder through,
the words with just the right fit
at just the right price
for today....

singleton said...

Bone colored and
padded and gilded in dime store gold....
a fairytale jack in the box.....
turn the trinkety
key to my heart
and unlock
the velvet secret....

Mirrors, mirrors
Mascara eyes
applet lips
and tu-tu come unglued,
she dances
til she's silly
in a circle
over wasted
ID bracelets spelling PAUL
doggie tags that belonged to Princess from The Sylvan Street Animal Clinic....

One hand,
two sleepy eyes,
I close the lid
and stop the magic....

Blanketed in mirrors,
she dances on.....

eric1313 said...

free the the words are
freer than smiles or birds
freer fresh air itself

these words are their weight
in gold or favour
these words comfort
and these words somtimes

but the are always free
anyone can take them
and they will still be free
because inspiration is their
under their wings

and that, God willing
will always be just as free

eric1313 said...

Your words are incredible, Singleton.

eric1313 said...

we totally have two major poems already! Man, I wonder what you're writing right now?

singleton said...

I know.....

eric1313 said...

you know as well as I

singleton said...

Ooops, that was for two or three comments back!
Clink ya!

singleton said...

ha! I love real time!

eric1313 said...

Jewelbox Balarina

and Freewords

singleton said...

If I crawled these
walls by accident
chased by dogs gone mad
or blues
or hauntings in the night
I'd dig in my pockets
deep for the bottle
that drove me to
think I read
what I thought I read
and wonder what the hell
those before me were

eric1313 said...

did they drink drink
the perfect love potion?

did they drink the elixir
of everlasting life?

Or five oc'clock vodka?

the scratches are eerie
like the marks of ghosts
or of small children
who often know so much
before it is given them
to learn

singleton said...

It's amazing when you type so fast it's
phoenetic language
and I still know what the hell you're talking about!

eric1313 said...

We continue to burn
that lamp in the dark
lighting our way home

hoping that the spirits
we love the best
see it as their home

the lamp burns nine
burns midnight, and three
and fortells to us a sunrise

drowning its flame in flames
but still we burn
for tonight will need the glow

eric1313 said...

thanks, Singleton. I get way ahead of myself! I should reread, but I want to always get to the next line, see what you wrote, how that effects me.

We are the butterfly effect!

gotta pizza in the oven! be right back!

singleton said...

So I stood at the wall
and wobbled
stun-gunned by the coming
of what's meant to be
by what passed before
lacey gloved
but real
a shadow on the
concrete wall
of the no-name
or any-name
convenience store....

pick up lines
and two-for fives
and ordinary lives

in blue velvet

eric1313 said...

is exposed

in blue velvet

we all blend in
against this wall
etching our wiles
and desires in paint
through the dust

always tell a story

eric1313 said...

clink! by the treehouse! I found an old jem I wrote back when your computer was dead at the shop.

singleton said...

And you'll wander the
parking lot in the morning
Coca Cola and cheap danish
plastic wrapped
with 38 cents
imprinted on its
and you'll find
the words
blurred and stepped on
smudged and newsprint damp
tread marks on their souls...
and pick them up one by one
scrabble pieces
in oil slicked places
and build a castle

I'll be asleep when you
in the wrapper and
the styrofoam cup....
the pink and white stirrer...
and the
corner store reciept....

And in the morning,
engine idling,
Stones blasting,
I'll find them
all pasted together
a flyer
left for free
under the wiper....

eric1313 said...

Just beautiful. To sit down from dinner and read your words like this. It's just beautiful.

JR's Thumbprints said...

If I had a boot like that ... this boot was made for kicking major ass in prison. Size nine gonna feel like size twelve when I'm done.

Mavin said...

Ohhhhh sweet dancing!!! I did that tonight when the Dallas Cowboys won the game between the Buffalo Bills, it was great. :D

drips of paint said...

....and with that knock out sexy black skirt with an angel body... I wasn't paying attention to the boot..... I am dancing in my dreammmm, dannnncing in my dreammmm ... da, ad , ad ... da da

happy day!

kj said...

well, singleton, forgive me for imagining the ending i propose, but here i am in kansas city with my best friend ces, who enticed me with her colors and words long before we saw eachother's smiles, and i'm thinking how lovely it is to deeply know and care about the soul of a friend and only after meet in the physical world.

just thinking, you know...


karoline said...

you're not dead till you quit dancing...


eric1313 said...

I'm thinking miss KJ and Drips are so right on!

Etching bold stories
of days gone by and
days yet to thunder;

Melting like wax,
I sing to little birds
of the many secrets
they will never keep.

mindy said...

that's the way to do it!!
you look beautiful!!
by the your cabinets and dishes! :)

singleton said...

Jr.....sheeeeeessshhh! I'm glad I;ve got the broken foot and not you! Must be the peace, love, artist side of me....All I could think of was how to pink it up a little and hmmmmm, what to wear?

Mavin.....Nothing like a win to make you dance, impromptu and in the air! Cheers!to your team and dancing in the bleachers!

Drips....:)I snatched this baby out of pile of "Oh, I accidently brought all this stuff home from college" that came home last summer in the back of my daughter's car......I don't know who the rightful owner of this little black dress is....but when I tried it on, and hung it sleeping in the closet, I knew the day would come to fetch it out! Ta!Dah!

KJ....Isn't it just so awesome that you and Ces met that way? Best friended by words and thoughts and little ribbons of soul passed back and forth. It had to be a homecoming when you finally laid eyes on one another! That, my dear, is spectacular! Somehow, somewhere, someday, we're gonna throw a blogging beach party.....Yup! We're gonna! got that right! And I hope when I'm gone, there really is a rock and roll heaven, and the music plays on and on and on!

Eric....Silly guy! Don't you know secrets are for telling~! :) Great party on the deck last night. The moon was alive and
nodding with

Peace~love, my friends!

singleton said...

Ooops, Mindy....missed you! TY! Don't those little dishes rock? I don't cook, and I'm not gourmet, but there's nothing like cheese and pickles on a sunshine yellow, pumpkin orange, indigo blue, watermelon pink, kiwi lime green background!

Oceanshaman said...

something for you at Oceanshaman . . .

Crashdummie said...

... and thats what they should do!
hope you had a freckin' amazing fab time!

See, there is no excuse for not getting jiggy with it ;)

KaiBlueCreations said...

I love your boots..kinda like my
PEace, Kai

M@ said...

Sounds like fun, Skinny.

SpongyBones said...

You would be amazed at what one can sell on ebay! LOL I dare ya!

singleton said...

oceans....Thank you....That rocks, that you would do that, and I have to tell you, I remember the first day I clicked a link and found your words, and just as quickly linked you....because I knew, there's a kindred spirit in this man, and then I read, and listened, and rocked....and knew again....There's a mighty fine circle growing here! Peace~love, my friend, and thank you, for all you say and do and share......

crash.....Magic words! No excuse! :)

kai...Oh no! Tell me you don't have shoes like this monster! She weighs like a gazillion! I'm gonna look like Jack Lalane when I come outa this :)

Matt....Now, who are you callin' "Skinny"? This is Big Skinny, you know!:) And yeah, it was so very very fun!

Spongy....Damn, you had to go and dare me.....And I mean, If you're gonna let me drive and all, it's the least I could do!

Peace~love to all...Share it....It's so very very worth it!

eric1313 said...

In the dead of night

no words leap off
crooked, tired fingers

the magic is all gone

and then, it happened

a spark, a flame, a sun
burnt before my face

blue fire and red blood

pounding from a heart

of opaline gold leaf
and the words found me

scattering in the wind

unforseen, unbidden

words leap from thread
to thread like vines

growing toward the light

here are some words now

for a friend, for a night
that is once more alive

eric1313 said...

She clip-clanked
the concrete floor
like she owned it
and nobody will argue
with that.

Lights spilling around
magic is in the air,
in her hobble-like glide
magic in the strange brew,
a love potion bubbling
with an easy twist-off cap.

A broken fibula
tibula or scapula,
couldn't stop her
from breaking everyone's
bad mood or bad day
busting their chops
but not busting their gaze

Spilling magic everywhere
like spillt beer,
champange showers
at the end of the big game

No better way
to make friends with strangers
than a great big 'oops',
that's what made her
clip--clink! clop--tink!
an open invitation to dance
ballerina or butterfly,
who could be the judge?

eric1313 said...


Can I clink! or can't I?

singleton said...

you are Clinkin! I'm writing, your writing, we're clomping on the attic planks.....
Who could be the judge?

singleton said...

And how did you know
from the treehouse
to the porch
the tincan telephone line

eric1313 said...

The monitor window
of my world blinked--

So I clinked
scibbled, thinked
and pounded out words
even if it didn't
exactly want to start

Magic happend
on the tin-can horn
and when my monitor
window winked again
you clinked back
a Mick Jagger sized smile
and right there
I knew I was a believer
all I needed was a
stepping stone

to fly home

singleton said...

I love it!

I've been balking all day
and only just came home
gimme peace somewhere within
these walls
and there it is
all along

a keystroke

eric1313 said...

gimme peace...

a ray of sunlight
warm, hot, even

something to make
the hours
into minutes

something special
a smiling eye
that sees
that all can be a dream
and a dream
is somtimes all we want
or all we will ever need
just one dream
to come home to
mellow, yellow
and wings that sigh
in the warming rays

singleton said...

mellow yellow
the sun
or lemon in my coffee
madhatter moon smiling, tipping
on his side
laughing even, maybe

that's what dreams
are made of
and sillies
and can't remembers
tincan mellow yellows

eric1313 said...

connecting one special
secret place
with another;

The madhatter moon
may smile all summer wide
but it will keep silent

and our secrets
will only be ours
to share

eric1313 said...

I'm liking this stutter-step, back and fourth that we have.

It's like dancing in the light
of our windows to one another.

singleton said...

or what JR once called dueling banjos....

and yellow

and psychedlic in the night

eric1313 said...

JR's a good guy. I had creative writing with him, too. I know a lot of these bloggers...

He was renewing his license, and me, I was just a pup learning everything I could from Michelle Brooks, because she's one heck of a poet with a hundred publications. She taught me a whole lot about writing, editing, teaching, and being kind and not judging people but listening to their stories and learning to balnce in the oddest shoes.

She hated people who hit on her, and their were a lot of people she hated. That was endearing as well, she has morals, when everyone else thinks morals are weird.

singleton said...

I think morals are wonderful. And Michelle should be proud of you guys....she taught you much and taught you well. And I know JR is a good guy, I've been reading him for a long time....

Your circle is a good one....

eric1313 said...

It's a great circle to be part of, you and her and everyone.

JR's a pretty relaxed guy considering the line of work he does.

I should have been blogging years ago. Michelle toild me about it, but i was like, "nah, I hate internet perverts, so I don't want to be on the internet."

Blogger is not as bad, not at all. There are some crackpots, but all in all, I've met some great folks.

You are a god-send, young lady. I hope you kow that. When you answered me back in a poetic verse, I knew I'd found my people.

I always say that, and I always will.

eric1313 said...

I'm glad I was wrong about the internet...

I've met somebody who knows like I know...


singleton said...

May the circle be unbroken....

Clink! to you my friend
and the highwire.....

Katherine Mercurio Gotthardt said...

WOW! Every time you post pics of your house, I am more and more amazed. I assume you painted your cabinets?? You are some lady!!!

singleton said...

katherine....So good to see you girl! Your park wanderings are a picturesque escape....and a soulful one, I'm sure....I love following your footsteps there, through peace..... Yup, welcome to "The painted house" my children call! They've gone through stages growing up....but, it's always had a name..... "Fun house" "House of Nudes" (I wasn't proud of that one, but when the adolescent boys discovered the angels were topless and the mannequins wore only tattoo's came naturally) "Hippie House" "Haley's House" "gypsy House".....still, they call it home :)

Deeis4Dana said...

oh hellyeah! is that my SLB's skinny black cocktail dress or is this another one you secretly have hidden away?

Deeis4Dana said...

P.S. You are too cute!!

singleton said...

dee....No! I packed one off to Skinny weeks ago.....the good KARMA one! She'll be Cinderella in black,oysterandtreasuregold....
Are we counting days yet? Gathering rice now.......:)

Orhan Kahn said...

All my left shoes are piled in a heap on the bedroom floor.. I can just imagine it.

singleton said...

Orhan....I should really take a picture....I keep dragging out more lefts trying to find the Cinderella shoes, just the right height to match this concrete block! And then finally, last night, I pulled out the glass slipper.....
The combat boot!
It wasn't too Cinderellish, but then I don't have a fairy Godmother, either!