Friday, December 24, 2010

Love Fast

"I had to squint to find you there,
my eyelashes broken ,
venetian blinds fluttering in the wind...
and then
there you were...
skinny legs and
yesterday's beard,
drenched in sloppy beerfoam spray,
the Ocean's last kiss ...
barefooted and climbing the dunes...
back to me,

the girl in the sandbox."

I stumbled on this tonight.
Remembered the very day I painted it.
The sudden claustophobia
of fat babies and tourists,
week-end surfers,
sun goddesses,
scrunching in closer to me,
running from the tide.

their make~shift fear
of the deep deep waters
tents and towels rolling,

sand buckets and sandwiches floating.

And tonight,
I know,
what it meant all along.

I'm not afraid of the murky water at all,
the knee splashing,
breath taking,
roll me under,
kiss the earth tide....

It's the low tide,
the quiet wave...
the waiting waters that scare me...

The Peace.

I'm afraid
that without
the struggle,
toes scrunched in the sand,
seaweed choking me,
stripping me
down to
skinned knees
breathless last moments,
Peace won't be all I dreamed of.

Then again,
I'm tired of dreaming...

I'm ready to live...
to Love...
And I don't have a lot of time to waste.


kj said...

i love of my favorites.

your poems now have caution in them, even though your hands are still above your head on this rollercoaster.

and your heart....well, i think it lives where mine does.

i'm over the moon happy that i'm in such good company.

love love

singleton said...

Ahhhh....sweet KJ....

"over the moon"....
I f'n love that...
the words,
the thought,
the sky high ride...

I'm cautious, wreckless, conservative, wild, 16, 100...

And you, too my friend, I just know!

If it were summertime...and there were a screened porch between our worlds, I have a feeling we'd be up all nite telling stories:)

Shimmerrings said...

Have you read Eat, Pray, Love? Tell me... or seen the movie?

kj said...

yup. i think we would.

Oceanshaman said...

Sings . . .

Rootin' for ya with the Wanee t-shirt contest . . . hopin' you make the final cut so I can vote for you . . .

Looking forward to meeting you in person at Wanee :) . . .

Peace, girl . . .

singleton said...

Shimmerings...I have not. Is that something that needs to be on the must~take~to the beach list? Good for the soul? I'm feelin' it! know it, Girl!

Ahhh, the fun was in the making:) We spent the week-end paintin' hippie flags and T-shirts, sipping coffee and Tea and tall boys...
It was HARD for me to do it in B & W....Lol, just goes against my brainwaves:) So after we sent it in, I smathered it in color and put it on Peace:)

Can't wait to meet you, too! We're all gonna have such a good, good time. And that's priceless!

Maithri said...

I hear you...I see you... On the wind...

A Wild and beautiful
her wings
to the
of things,

Fly on sister friend,



Walter B. said...

That's a beautiful picture. I hope it's ok to save it.

karoline in the morning said...

yes are the ocean..

*clink to your happy, hoppy, hippy waves*


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Shimmerrings said...

Where have you gone to??? I really miss reading your stories! I've been waiting for you to compile them, along with your poems, into a book... girl, I would buy more than one and give them away, as gifts! And illustrated by your very own artwork and photography?

Smita said...


Anonymous said...

Just discovered your page, love it! I wish there were more people like you in the world :)