Friday, September 24, 2010


I sat indian style,
in tattered cut offs,
dirty bare feet tucked under
opposite ankles,
and I colored in peace...

It was hot
and the rusty ceiling fan rattled
and tattled,
the incessent chirping of yet another thing broken,
hanging on,
hanging in there,
doing it's job.

I smeared colors.
Smudged them,
blobbed them
into irredescent
and muddy puddles,
convinced that when I stopped
an image would appear.

Mother Mary,
a Peace Sign,
anything that meant something...

I dipped the paint brush to my right,
in the stupid plastic Tiki Bar Cup...
and leaned towards the blue...
tainted water dripping on my knee...

and then she
crab crawled,
out from under me...

The Tarantula.

Just give me peace.

And if I have to live with bugs...
send the butterflies
the dragonflies,
the praying mantis....


kj said...

that last sentence!!!! fantastic!!

oh how i miss you! will you PLEASE come visit me and tell me you love me still? :)

eric1313 said...

Sing it loud, sing it sad, but sing and I'll always get the message.

Keep painting and keep writing and keep loving life... not that I have to lecture you! You wrote the book and illustrated it too. Glad to thumb through the pages whenever I can.

eric1313 said...


And of course,

The girl in the picture,
with the blue-green seas
reflected in luminous
crystal ball eyes,
hangs out right here on my
busy, busted up but
still standing desk

Her eyes~
like the ocean,
tell me sublime secrets
of the wild universe
pulsing in my heart

but only when she thinks
that I'm not really listening.


peace at ya, Sing.

Oceanshaman said...


Sings . . . hope you and skinny and mama and kimmy and everyone else had an awesome getaway . . .

You've been in my prayers . . . throwin' good vibes your way . . .

Good to see you throwin' out some blog action . . .

P&L . . .

singleton said...

KJ...I love you STILL!

Eric...I know your always listening, friend:) was wonderful, a petticoat get~a~way...And Gawd, if only you could have seen our Mama, swirling and twirling on that sunset deck to the most incredible Blues...Priceless!

Much Peace, friends...

Honeyhiring said...
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