Tuesday, June 08, 2010


I know you're there,
just on the other side,
rattlin' my chains
and tap~tap~tapping on my spirit...

Silly little ghosts,
phantom pains,
wayward boys...

You can't rock my world.

I wake up with lazy legs,
leftovers from dancing to the Black Eyed Peas....
with a new found smile,
courtesy of my latest tumble and another dip into the mayo jar and visit to The Man
with The Big Red Smile for a calling card.
I wake up to the cool hum of air conditioning still purring,
the filter, a cardboard mosaic I made myself,
to the sound of redbirds frolicking in
what used to be bouganvilla..
to the smell of yesterdays coffee,
run twice through,
and all the better because it's still brown...
and this...

irredescent butterfly trapped forever in my kitchen window...

Sometimes even
stray shots
in the night...
Are accidental pretties...
I have to live with it forever...
I hope you can....


Sandy Kessler said...

some shot sandy when's vacation??

skinnylittlesister said...

Yeah....when IS vacation???
We need our week of the beach...

eric1313 said...

The Crush
E1313 (E!#!#.... lol!)

To live forever listing
through every season,
to see every sun rise
(not just this one...)

To see every smile
every skip and fall
and that's OK, I'm up...

every eye caught by another
(out of the corner, shhhhh...)

(ain't that how it always goes...)

To breathe every bit of music
and hear every rush of wind
from your lovers lips
between the words
I love you...

Come here.

To catch every golden ray of sun
and be kissed by every
blue eyed brown eyed knockout
with a a good story, a rose

To catch every drift
and float on every breeze
and drink every drop
that god, she, pours into
our cups

that would be the life.

but for now

I'll settle
for just this one sunrise
as long as you are here with me
in this sweet crush

of all lifetimes

eric1313 said...

The word forever set me off... so blame that.

Hope you are doing well!

I loved turning this page on and seeing 2 NEW POSTS! I hope you keep on doing what you do, because I love it so much and look at how well I react. If that's selfish then I'm a pig, so make me a mudpie and call it good...

But don't call me breakfast!

Peace at ya~

singleton said...

Sweet Sandy! Right? We need our week at the beach, Hell, they've taken to trying to shoot me out of town!

OMG! Calgon, waves, margaritas, ice cold beer in red wagons, backwards skate, dunerolling....
We need our fix and until then,
we're addicts,
withdrawls giving me the creepy crawlies, the heebie jeebies....
Jonsing for you, the beach, the freedom, the peace...

Until then, I'm packing my bags and running away to the Dirt Road House for a 24 hour spin on Pretend! Muah! I love you!

Wow, that rocked! I love that word, "Crush"...reminds me of everything cool, delightful, fresh, colorful...It's a good~time word! Much peace, friend, keep rollin'....the words are wild!