Saturday, May 01, 2010

At Sea

I've been wading....
britches pulled up passed my knees,
toes bristling in ice cold water...
the waves
slapping me
straight again...
I'm not drowning yet...
but I've wandered further....
knee high,
neck high,
way over my head...
Sometimes when I look back,
I can't see shore....
don't let me tire of treading water....


Dee said...

May you always be buoyant...:)

~Babs said...

They say "Hope Floats", and I'll bet you do.
Heck, I'll bet you already are!

That is one awesome photo,,,,

Oceanshaman said...

With ya . . .

Just keepin' my head above water . . .

Survivin', for now . . .

singleton said...

Dee...Muah! Or at least know how to astrally project:)

Babs! Hugs, it's been so long! Hope always floats, even when you have to string tiny little slivers of it together to build a Tom Sawyer Raft....Thanks so much for reminding me, (That's what butterflies are for....sweet reminders to believe)

I know friend, I know. Prayers for strength. Love grows.

benjibopper said...

Scary image. I've had dreams of drowning, or falling off a bridge. I hate those ones. Waking up is always a relief. Even treading water though, my life is good. Hope you're well.

singleton said...

Awwww Benji...I'm glad you're doing well. All is well that ends well, and down here....we just have the never ending "one-more-punch line, before we get to the happy ending" going on! And LOL, I hope you meant the image I whipped up with words was scary, and not this ole hippies face in the clouds! So nice to hear from you! I'm trying to get caught up with folks again:)

eric1313 said...

...somewhere, beyond the sea...

there will be found
the river, the ocean
waves upon waves upon swells
as the wind blows life into its
heaves and lows

and not a buoy
not a raft not

so loved
for what it is...


this humble poem
contains a puddle
of ideas
murky with sentiment


but your ocean
is painted with poetry
and a water color monalisa
smile so familiar
and etched with words
on the wildest waves

words waiting for peace--
that mirror of the gods
the ocean at rest
on Sunday morning
as our feet are the only ripple
seen, laughing and spreading
like truth
like proof
of what will always be

and so still you float,
in the blue green sea
waiting for no one

because all who love you
all who you know

float there beside you
beyond the sea

eric1313 said...

Do I have to add that I miss ya? ;)

I tell SLS that all the time.

So glad you are still here...
the words come easiest
when a friend is there to listen.

LMAO... my word verification is tipsy!

love it! It's like it knows...

(even though i'm sober)

singleton said...


Glasses raised,
two fingers raised,
an accidental

Grafittied on the walls...

singleton said...

Ok. here we go again, LMAO!

My word verification

skinnylittlesister said...

And when we tire of treading water, we take a deep breath and we hold it, like a 1000 secrets buried under the oceans floor and we close our eyes... waiting...drifting
knowing all along that the waves, like these moments, may seem the same as they pass all around us but ultimately they really do change our position...
terribly so

singleton said...

Muah, SisterLove!
I'll meet you at the bottom and we can etch~a~sketch in the sand with our toes,
The dreamscape shifting,
but the words always the same.

Peace and LOVE, Hugely, for you. IMY2MTYEK....and sometimes, more than that.

eric1313 said...

Clink! ya back.

Wrote another one... It's right up your ally too. And mine! Always did like a nice walk through the back ways, the fronts are just a facade, nothing to tell you of the truth that makes things in life what they are.


my word ve is "tachi" ... I try not to be!

And i hope this was not your finale, either. that would bum me out for serious, yo...

peace back at ya...

...accidental mosaic...

what a line, I hope you can use it for something in your art.

eric1313 said...


lol... my word ver now is "scram"

kj said...

sign me up for missing you too.

do you need a wing and a prayer?

did i mention how much i've missed you?


Granmo said...

What were you thinking? Where were you intending to go when you set off? Don't worry, the cream always rises to the top.

singleton said...

KJ! Muah! And again, and again:)

Granmo...LOL, I was just floating...Chasing the sunshine...When the water's deep, dark green, swirly, twirly and there's scary things below....I pretend I'm a mermaid, a castaway, a dolphin... Or maybe, I really am:)