Tuesday, July 28, 2009

"blessings, healing prayers.. may the next fall be in love ~s."

I remember vividly...
the night I believed...

Rounding the lake...
the fluorescent lights swarming with blind mosquitos
and the Ghosts...
fog bouncing off the bows of lonely fishing boats...
dancing on the water,

And the Martini Moon...
Above me...
The perfect cusp of glass raised to the sky,
Clinking! with the Stars...

And so it was,
that on that night...
under the tipping brim of an accidental moon...

I fell again...

Head over heels,
face first
into an even more
Accidental Love...

It's been a long time
I've laughed that hard.

Felt that hard.

Fell that hard.

the words tumbled from a keyboard,
splattered into my in~box...
from a friend...

are the same fiery color as that long ago Moon...


Maithri said...
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Maithri said...

If candle light

I think
sound like

All my love,


i beati said...

super I hope that comes to my box soon ha ha or whenever wherever

singleton said...


And every candle ever lit...
was ignited by the steady hand,
a cupped hand in the wind,
or the brave hands of the dark....
and a single flame
sparked at just the right time...

May the circle be unbroken...

Ibeati...And I hope it does, too! Sometimes we forget, in these everyday wear~you~slap~out lives, that there is more to tumbling than the scars....
there's the whole trip, and sometimes,
it's a joyride! Much Love, Friend

kj said...

dammit singleton, you do mystery like no other! i have to know: is it real???! i want to jump up and down for you.

hey, pleae come to my blog and consider moving to blogland lane. tell skinny too.

love you,

Spadoman said...

Hello dreamer, lover, enricher of lives, spirit of whimsy and love.
Whatever happened sounds cool! I get those moments regularly with Grandkids. And when I come here to read.


Scott from Oregon said...

May you munch on an apple and grin for a bear!

eric1313 said...

when the sun rose
this morning

it smiled
and I didn't know why


it was gone and only the most
stars danced away like eyes
into the dark

and then I knew

and then I knew

and all I could do
was wait in the darkness

just to see one more
sun rose bloom

just to see
one more

a blaze
to lite up
my morning sky

eric1313 said...

Just saying hello and finding a few words between the lines.

Miss my friend.

Peace out, Sing! Drop me a line sometime soon!

she said...

singtome: how kind/nice surprise..

and speaking of surprises: that describes your blog quite nicely

every word, every line

every memory, every story, every post

a delightful surprise of one kind, then another

and reads here, like you get to unwrap a gift from someone else

how fun

-and! if my eyes do not deceive me, mr. poetry is back too

good news for the blogosphere

love, peace, romance ~s.

kj said...

please please say something, ms. singleton!!!!!


Spadoman said...

Missin' You, I'm missin' you
All those lovely things you do
I tell ya true, it hurts the way I'm missin' you

Nashville at sunrise
Rains poundin' on my window
Draws my sleepless eyes
To witness one more dawn a break
Winter's cold outside
Oh I broke down and cried

'Cause I'm missin' you, I'm missin' you
And all those lovely things you do
I'll tell ya true it hurts the way I'm missin' you

'Cause I'm missin' you, I'm missin' you
And all those lovely things you do
I'll tell ya true it hurts the way I'm missin' you

Little Feat

eric1313 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
eric1313 said...

Wild horses could never
drag me away

But they have been known

to carry me

only too far

just a little
too far

but really

I can't blame the horses.

it's all the rider's fault

for dragging away

at the same sky

that your horses

used to roam

Peace and love to the whole clan.

Spadoman said...

Still Missin' You.

singleton said...

sweet World....

How awesome you all are!
I've been bouncing off walls (and a few concrete steps) all summer....my connection stinks...I can barely get on anyone's blog, much less my own... Sweet Kimbies and Skinny....filling me in on everyones who-hah when we have free minutes and phones that aren't drenched, squashed, disconnected! Muah to you all....and somehow, someway, this year....Yup, before the year is done....My friend the computer guru will set me back up in style
And we can all
Clink! and I'll drink....
And we'll ramble on and on and on....

I've missed you all terribly....