Monday, May 19, 2008

The Butterfly Bar....

I'm the welcome wagon. The Go~Go girl. The cheerleader. I laugh, sway, twirl, spin...and never miss a beat. A face. A voice. Oh, I might trip sometimes, go splat on the floor, but I never miss a beat.....

And so I noticed them right away. Seven and a half weeks ago. Elbows on the bar. Boy's night out. And I watched them. They leaned in and tipped Roxanne. She smiled. And that's a good sign. From my side of the bar I knew they weren't being obnoctious, weren't spilling silly pick~me~up lines at the beautiful soul filling shot glasses and popping corks. Miss Macey settled down next to them, stirred her steaming coffee cup, luring the good stuff up from the bottom. She gave them her "One eyebrow up, one down" cursory "I'm watchin' everything you do, boys" glance. And she watched them well. Listened. Smiled. Smiled with them. And then I knew it was O.K. to make my move.

O.K. to walk over and meet my two new best friends.

They laughed at my peddler's bag of bottle caps and bought the next round. We've been no~touch dancing ever since. We've been to the ocean and the river and barbequed at 2:00 in the morning. We spent Saturday night at Kimbies, clanging cymbals, canastas and spoons. We've serenaded the sky, raspy voices and guitar strings wooing the stars....We've traded secrets, and dime store dreams, and happy ever afters. We've played follow the leader, catch me if you can, and "let's dance like Joe Cocker".....

And now we're an army. Of angels.

"Let's hear it for the boys......."

And the butterfly effect......



Amongst all our treasures, friends remain the Gold.
24 karat
Tarnish proof

Yeah, let's hear it for the boys
(and the butterflies)


Let's hear it for Baby Boy too,,,,lookin right at home in Mimi's sidebar!
Awesome, sweet miracle Landon.

she said...

singtome: -this doesn't surprise me one bit.. your ability to turn experiences into beautiful stories goes quite naturally with your ability to turn strangers into beloved friends

you are the butterfly -and i feel your spirit all the way over here in california

and that landon! email me write away an address to send this gift i've made (terrible about keeping that info handy.. buried somewhere in the paper abyss)..

"to new souls, new friends, and growing circles!" love, ~s.

Sandy Kessler said...

just say Joe Cocker and I'm gone sk

Shimmerrings said...

awwwhhh... he's growing sweeter by the day... and beautiful story, filled with Love, Joy and Laughter!

singleton said...

Babs....I am forever amazed at how the slightest turn of events, If I'd gone left instead of right, been five minutes early, or five minutes late....take us to the exact moment, place, people we're supposed to find. Celebrating the random and totally meant to be circle....And isn't that Landon a Love?:) (Muah! Mimi's little man!)

She...I know you know exactly what I'm celebrating....the gift of "so nice to meet you" at the perfect time, for the best of reasons....I can't wait for Skinny to meet these boys at the beach and for them to meet her! You and I both, important addresses scribbled everywhere! But try to find them:) I'll email you sweet friend...and btw, I still have trinkets on the counter bound for California! Muah!

Sandy....LOL! Oh, you would have loved it! And btw, they gave us the entire dance floor for that little show!

shimmerings....Oh, I'm so in love with this little angel....sunrise hair: red, yellow, pink, and orange! Love grows...and grows....and grows....

Peace~love my friends
It's so very very worth it!

skinnylittleblonde said...

It's on now sister! Counting down the days!
To New Best Friends, Old Best Friends and everyone in between...I'll meet you there!

Maithri said...

I celebrated
walkin another
year around the sun

And I thanked
the winged lover

for countenancing
the face of love
with friends

My love to you dear butterfly,

May the road rise up
and kiss your feet


singleton said...

sweetslb...Clink! And maybe, just maybe, we'll meet in between! ILYSVVM! Dune rollin' baby!

Oh Maithri...
Happy day my friend....I'm smilin' picturing you soaking up that Sun Day
and sharing the celebration
with the circle,
taking a deep breath
and gettin' ready
to do it,
live it,
feel it,
all over again....
Much love my friend, on this day
and everyday
May you be blessed! Muah!


Earthmamagoddess said...

I could just eat his face and that smell is like nothing in the world.....enjoy!!

Hey, over at your cafepress just give me peace, I would love some kid size tshirts for my girls who love love love your art too

love and light

Sandy said...

nice one.

Ultra Toast Mosha God said...

Obnoxiousness is always a turn off. Hooray for first steps along a new path!

singleton said...

Earthmama....Right! OMG, he's all sugar! We are working diligently across the miles and the www to get more hippie love goodstuff up on Cafepress....Poor Skinny, my sweet soul sister love, having to do all the technical work! Soon!

Sandy.....oh, it's been so nice.....:)

Ultra.....Clink! And here's to your cross country road party! Enjoy, my friend!

Peace, love and
butterflies to all

The Electric Orchid Hunter said...

Sensational. I hope they realize how lucky they were to have found a soul like yours in this frenetic world of ours.

I know I was.

The Electric Orchid Hunter said...
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singleton said...

electric....awwwwww.....smiling big... And how cool is it, that at just the right time for just the right reasons, we bump into just the right people! Here's to those accidently fated perfect encounters! Clink!
and the
butterfly effect.....