Sunday, June 25, 2006

It’s raining. Giant jelly-like plops of fat delicious summer rain. Pummeling the roof top. Slicing through the trees, splatting on upturned leaves and bouncing joyfully off of others. Pooling on the ground. The constant banging of new drops churning the mud puddles into dirty little rivers.. wandering aimlessly through the landscape.

The sound sneaks in and suffocates all other noise. As if the mouth of everyday life has been covered with a plastic bag…until it can no longer utter a breath. The rain takes over…roaring in her downfall, a train passing through the lazy afternoon. And then she rests and becomes music, wet wind chimes falling from the sky. Methodical constant sound. A Mother’s soft lullabye. That sound must be the one that coaxes rainbows into dancing. That lures the sunshine out again. That soft hypnotizing sound of fading rain….

I thought about crying today.

And then I heard the birds……

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ILYSVM said...

Yes, the birds...reminding us that daylight is near & the storms have passed.
The birds, with their whistles calling upon us to dance.
The birds, that keep us company all through the night...and welcome us into each new day.
Cry, let tears dance down your cheeks & they too, will bring rainbows of their own kind. Things look different through teary eyes...but sounds remain the same. The birds still sing, calling to us, escorting us, reminding us...

'It's raining cats & dogs, but all I hear are the birds'