Saturday, April 29, 2006

Death of a Mermaid, Singleton

(c) Singleton 2006

and now you see all of me....
face up and eyes closed....
as if in peace....

"ashes to ashes
dust to dust
light as a feather
lift me up...."


psycho-therapist said...

dear mermaid,
i pray for you and your family as i pray for my own. and you're right- sometimes i feel like screaming them. take care of yourself. keep putting those visions onto paper, both written and painted. you're amazing.

SAS said...

we love you too sweet lisa, we are buoyed together by a sea of heartstrings. As always, peace ,love, and the yellow butterfly of san marina...

Maryellen said...

Hi: Thanks for dropping by my blog and for your generous words. This particular post is the definition of "less is more". I am assuming the art is your. I really love your style. Your use of color shows no fear.

eric313 said...

There she is!

The blue lady was a dead mermaid?


She must be sleeping. If she's dead, though, lets hook her up to the nearest lightning bolt and make her live again.

Or is that what you did already?

singleton said...

eric....this picture was born out of horror in the heart....and the need to float, to be at peace....and so it was.....From this first tiny 5 x5 drawing, came JUSTGIVEMEPEACE and all the pages that have followed....She hangs in my home, one of the very few that still reside with me, reminding me to breathe.....
breathe deep

peace~love my friend

eric1313 said...

That's beautiful.

She always makes me very glad when she floats by my blog. I love the words that accompany her presence.

In deep, deep water
the big bang, '76;
dragons were born
beasts like me,


a graceful leviathan
trading everything
for the power
to breath life
and fire
into one mermaid
washed up from
the trackless sea

and now she floats
she makes it blue--
you know...

the trackless sea

singleton said...

...the trackless sea....

And I'm floating.....
painting in
ever looking
just fingers
in the
trackles sea

eric313 said...
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eric313 said...

If I coulda hung on,
coulda, maybe shoulda
waited a minute or ten
for the wind to catch up,
coulda said hello to
a wild blue lady
veiled in late evening

From above
a sultry moon goddess
crowning the tropical sea
cracks a jealous bladed smile,
in recognition of
a kindred spirit untethered
to an ancient task like hers,
and not chained by fate,
but living and dancing
and breathing the air
within it's embrace.

the earth
has better stories to tell
than all the stars in heaven.

is a human characteristic
nothing more, nor any less.

I don't know what way
the winds will blow
all I know
is how to hold on,
and when to let go,
and keep living life
in a blue lady's afterglow.

eric313 said...

That's your poem. Its a gift, friend.


singleton said...

Words are priceless, everything, real....
I'll take them over trinkets anyday
true gifts

Thank you, my friend.